Automatic Travel Speed Assist & Linde Curve Assist

Tailored to your indoor and outdoor application

A dual Assistance System that’s got your back

Linde offers smart solutions to control truck speed when it presents a potential risk such as when entering congested warehouse areas, or when an inappropriate cornering speed could cause the load to fall or the truck to tip over.

Automatic speed limitation gives adjustable indoor and outdoor limit options, and Curve Assist provides automatic, proportional speed adjustment when cornering.

See Automatic Travel Speed Assist in action

Linde Curve Assist

This assistance system automatically reduces the speed of a forklift that is travelling too fast around a curve. If the operator drives too fast into a curve, or if the curve radius is too small, the centrifugal forces try to tip over the forklift — that’s where Linde Curve Assist comes in.

See Linde Curve Assist in action

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