Digital Fleet Management

Make your fleet management intelligent

Linde FleetFOCUS is an easy to use fleet management and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) solution that puts you in total command of your material handling equipment resources. Being an Australian product, it's been tried and tested by hundreds of Linde customers across Australia & New Zealand since 2007.

FleetFOCUS builds on the efficiency and productivity of your equipment to identify fleet utilisation and operational issues before they are seen through an incident or impact on your bottom line. Review WHS compliance, cost efficiency and accountability in real time via an online portal on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

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Why FleetFOCUS is the leader in Fleet Management

  • Adapt and customise software to suit your specific needs. 

  • Linux based operating system.

  • 2-way messaging enabling easy communication between supervisor and driver with single touch reply.

  • Programmable and adaptable to suit 99% of security cards or fobs on the market, reducing the cards that operators are required to carry.

  • Upon an impact and where the vehicle has exceeded the predetermined impact level, the vehicle will be reduced to creep speed.

  • A supervisor is the only person who can restore the vehicle’s normal speed; this requires inputting a compulsory comment for the impact and then completing a safety checklist to ensure the equipment is safe to operate.

  • Customisable questions with the option of critical question status that automatically reduces speed if answered, or if questions are not answered in the specified time frame. 

  • Screen saver and dull screen mode perfect for safe night operation.

  • Toughened glass screen protector for extra protection.

  • Only an authorised supervisor or Linde service personnel can activate the unit once set.
  • Additional digital inputs/outputs to help you gather more data from the vehicle and working environment.
  • Seamless, steady connection in any warehouse environment between vehicle and server ensuring you can access relevant information in real-time.

  • The only Fleet Management in Australia to have both integrated, and will switch between depending on signal strength.

  • Memory card backup for network loss to ensure data is not lost, then is automatically updated to server once connection is re-established.

  • Quickly track the movements of any vehicle including model, serial number and last time it reported in.

Connect via the web portal anytime to:

  • Send a new master code to the vehicle.

  • Unlock a vehicle.

  • Send a message to the driver.

  • Add a new driver to the vehicle.

Get reports on your material handling equipment and its operators’ performance including:

  • Machine usage and utilisation.

  • Service report: Know the date and hours of the last service and the hours remaining till the next service is due. 

  • Driver's licence expiry including licenses expired or due to expire. 

  • Impact report: Impacts measured in three levels detailing which units, what time and date impact occurred, including the driver details. 

  • Subscription and automatic email notifications and reports are also available. 


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