Linde Safety Solutions: Assistance Systems

Your Intelligent Partner in Safety

Gone are the days when a forklift driver had to operate their truck using instinct and “feel”. With ever-increasing demands on material handling, it's essential to have reliable measures in place to protect drivers, employees, goods, shelves and other equipment. Linde safety assistance systems will not only improve the safety of your operation, they'll also make it far more efficient. See below for an overview of our current solutions.

Safety comes standard with Linde

Forklift trucks and warehouse trucks from Linde Material Handling are fitted as standard with numerous features which increase both active and passive safety in the warehouse, thus preventing forklift accidents.

Even at full speed, operators can rely on the safety features that are fitted as standard in Linde trucks such as:

  • Automatic parking brakes: Which prevent the truck from rolling away unintentionally on ramps, or when loading HGVs.
  • Linde Curve Assist: Which automatically adjusts the truck's speed when cornering.

Many Linde industrial trucks are also equipped with several different independent braking systems.

Contour of the truck

The operator compartment is designed so that their entire body stays within the contours of the truck, while at the same time allowing them to keep an eye on their surrounding environment. With all trucks, Linde attaches great importance to clear visibility for the operator.

Reliable load handling

A key performance feature of Linde forklift trucks is the safe handling of heavy loads. For example, the overhead tilt cylinders on the electric and IC trucks are attached to the rear of the stable roof and frame structure. The longer lever length makes the mast even more stable and results in less swinging when stacking at high lifting heights. This allows the operator to work more precisely, quickly and – above all – more safely. The design also features slimmer mast profiles, which improves visibility.

Fatigue-free working

With ergonomic working conditions, Linde Material Handling ensures that operators can work safely and without becoming fatigued. Ergonomic working conditions are a central requirement for fatigue-free and therefore safe working. Linde attaches great importance to giving employees the best possible protection from harmful vibrations and jolts. Decoupled drive and steering axles and decoupled operator workstations are effective technology solutions that ensure maximum operating comfort in Linde industrial trucks, thus improving the operator's concentration.