Dynamic Mast Control (DMC)

Prevents the Mast from Oscillating

Storage space is expensive. That’s why taller warehouses with high shelving racks are becoming the norm — however, this now represents additional risks. The masts of reach trucks frequently used in these situations start to oscillate when loaded trucks are used to access greater heights. This makes collisions with shelving, and damage to loads and equipment hard to avoid. The operator therefore has to wait until the mast stops wobbling which costs valuable time.

Our innovative driver assistance system, Dynamic Mast Control (DMC), solves this problem. An electric, highly responsive reach system that compensates for mast movements with specific counter-movements. The DMC ensures that handling processes involving large lift heights are significantly quicker and safer.

Dynamic Mast Control - Innovations For Efficient Loading Processes

Innovations for efficient loading processes

Faster, safer, smoother. Linde’s ingenious control and drive technology makes loading processes at height much easier. The operator does not have to actively intervene, instead, there are components working in the background. An individual loading process using a reach truck with DMC is approximately 17 seconds quicker.

The electric drive, developed by Linde, can be controlled more precisely and delicately than a hydraulic drive traditionally used in reach trucks — which plays a crucial role here. The result? A responsive interaction that enables operation of a significantly steadier mast, making handling material more efficient.

For Greater Handling Performance with DMC

  1. Safer: Every load movement is smooth and stable. This increases the safety of the operator and the load.
  2. Faster: The operator doesn't have to wait for the mast to stop wobbling. This means they can deposit the load on the racking more quickly and remove it just as fast.
  3. Smoother: When their masts oscillate, forklift trucks often collide with shelving or pallets. DMC minimises this risk ensuring the load is placed precisely where it should be.

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