Linde VertiLight


Excellent illumination

Seeing and being seen is fundamental not only to safety but also efficiency when working with industrial trucks. The right light at the right time in the right place is an essential prerequisite for this. However, many lighting systems for forklift trucks cannot serve this purpose. They illuminate the working area only at certain points and often leave the edges dark or cast reflections on the mast or load which dazzle the operator.

With the Linde VertiLight, Linde Material Handling offers an innovative lighting concept which solves these problems. It provides optimum illumination of the working area and enables safe, precise and efficient work even in the case of inadequate warehouse lighting.

Innovative design provides optimum illumination

In contrast to conventional headlights, the Linde VertiLight illuminates the working area over a large area thanks to its half-circular design with a wide light band and seven ideally arranged LEDs. The LEDs distribute the light uniformly from the floor to the upper edge of the racking and improve visibility of the racking, load and forks.

With counterbalance and reach trucks, the illumination angle can be individually adjusted via the holder to adapt the lighting to any application in the warehouse or production area. Ideal for high rack use: with reach trucks, the diagonal arrangement of the two headlamps further increases the illumination range.

The special arrangement of the LEDs and the pleasant colour of the VertiLight reduces glare and ensures greater safety in internal traffic. Oncoming vehicles and pedestrians are less dazzled and the operator is not irritated by reflective goods or truck interiors. Since the VertiLight is attached to the side of the mast, there is no distracting light reflection on the mast.

Optimum illumination of your work area

Standard LED lights vs Linde VertiLight

Benefits of Linde VertiLight at a glance

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