Structural Safety

Optimal Visibility

Linde design minimises obstructions to the operator’s view, helping to avoid damage to racking, trucks and goods while reducing work stress, and maximising productivity and equipment life.

Available solutions include an overhead guard with panoramic view featuring an armoured glass roof, overhead tilt cylinders, slimmer mast profiles and a surround view camera system. See below for an overview of our current range of structural safety solutions.

Structural Safety - Ovehead Guard

Overhead guard with panoramic view and armoured glass roof

Certain Linde forklifts come with a unique panoramic view above the operator's head. This is achieved by having the robust overhead guard connected laterally to the reinforced tilt cylinders, eliminating the need for the A-pillar.

With the exception of the visibility-optimised mast, this concept offers the driver a largely unrestricted view of the load and working environment, even when storing and retrieving at height. An optional armored glass roof can provide a clear view upwards.

Structural Safety - Overhead Tilt Cylinders

Overhead Tilt Cylinders

These provide better mast stability and force distribution, which in turn allows smaller mast profiles for increased visibility and safety. Plus, by positioning them away from the main load handling area, we can ensure they encounter less damage, which means cost savings for you.

As the overhead tilt cylinders are located at the top of the overhead guard, we’re able to remove obstructions and prioritise driver comfort by increasing legroom. This enables safe and easy mounting and dismounting for the operator.

Structural Safety - Banner

Slimmer mast profiles

Thanks to the repositioning of the overhead tilt cylinders, we’re able to incorporate slimmer mast profiles aiding in outstanding visibility for the forklift operator.

Structural Safety - Surround View

Surround View

This camera system eliminates all blind spots, providing a 360 degree view of the forklift’s surroundings. Featuring picture-in-picture function where fields of vision can be individually adjusted, as well as dynamic adjustment of the image depending on driving direction.

Available for all counterbalanced models with a load capacity of 4 tonnes or more.

Safety comes as standard with Linde

Forklift trucks and warehouse trucks from Linde Material Handling are fitted as standard with numerous features which increase both active and passive safety in the warehouse, thus preventing forklift accidents