Linde TruckSpot

The symbol for safety

A reversing industrial truck is one of the top reasons for forklift accidents that result in injuries to people. Narrow racking aisles, visually restricted intersections and confusing areas often make it difficult for pedestrians to see a reversing truck in time. Static warning signs increase caution and warn people of possible dangers, but are not always effective. With the Linde TruckSpot, the industrial truck carries its own warning sign wherever it goes, thus defusing critical situations before they occur.

Linde TruckSpot - Increased Warning Effect

Increased warning effect

The Linde TruckSpot is an optical warning solution that emits a light signal to indicate that the truck is approaching. Mounted on the frame of the operator's overhead guard, it projects the signal onto the floor about 4m behind the truck to warn pedestrians and other vehicles of the truck's presence.

With the TruckSpot, Linde is setting a new standard for safety in racking aisles and at visually restricted intersections. The innovative warning system takes the proven advantages of the Linde BlueSpot and adds an important feature: a large-format warning symbol with strong contrast colours to provide an even more effective warning.

The design, size and movement of the symbol immediately attract attention and allow pedestrians to step back. The shape and colour of the warning symbol were chosen deliberately; the red danger triangle on a white background is intuitively understood all over the world.

The TruckSpot works purely visually and is therefore ideally suited for noisy working environments. The absence of annoying or irritating warning sounds provides additional safety, as neither pedestrians nor operators become alarmed at critical moments.

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