Linde BlueSpot™

Blue light for greater safety

Safety first! Whether employees are operating a forklift truck or walking, they quickly lose sight of potential risks when working. Loud noises are distracting and can drown out important warning signals which can all cause dangerous accidents. The innovative Linde BlueSpot™ driving path warning system minimises risk without making a sound.

The LED light of the Linde BlueSpot™, attached to the operator's protective roof frame, projects a blue warning spot onto the ground. This warns pedestrians and other forklift operators of approaching trucks. This visual solution from Linde Material Handling intuitively draws attention to moving forklift trucks, significantly increasing safety, both in aisles and at crossings where visibility is poor.

Linde BlueSpot - Retrofitting

Retrofitting the Linde BlueSpot™

The Linde BlueSpot™ is available with more than just a blue light. For clear directions and signals, Linde has developed two additional versions as part of a retro-fit kit.

Linde BlueSpot - Blue Arrow

Blue arrow

The light is projected in the shape of a blue arrow. This makes the forklift truck's direction of travel clear, even at crossings where visibility is poor.

Linde BlueSpot - Red Light

Red light

The Linde BlueSpot™ with a red LED light is particularly useful if the colour blue is already used for other warning notices, or if red would be a stronger contrast against the ground.

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