L10 | L12 i Series 1172 Electric Pallet Stacker

Agile pallet handling


Agile and versatile thanks to the slim chassis

Whether storing or picking, distance transport or pallet transfer, the L10 - L12 electric pallet stackers get the job done, thanks to their slim chassis and clear mast view for easier manoeuvring — especially when there is little space available.

The operator benefits from the tiller being mounted at a low point, which guarantees a safe distance from the stacker. There is also a creep speed function for very slow and tight manoeuvres. Overall, the truck operates completely intuitively with all control elements ergonomically arranged within the tiller head providing a fatigue-free working experience.


  • A low mounted tiller provides a safe distance between the operator and the truck.
  • Speed automatically adjusts to the tiller position, the more vertical it is, the slower it goes.
  • Electromagnetic brake activates when the tiller is at the bottom or top end position.
  • Truck automatically breaks when the drive switch is released.
  • Deep-drawn chassis and the rounded shape contribute to safe work.
  • Trucks are easy to control around sharp curves with their long lever.
  • Operator can easily and intuitively reach all elements on the ergonomic tiller head.
  • Operator can manoeuvre the truck with a vertical tiller position using the creep speed button, making many processes easier in a close environment.
  • 1.2 kW AC motor and digital controls help the pallet truck accelerate quickly.
  • All of the important performance parameters can be adjusted to individual operating requirements.
  • Trucks move their loads precisely and quietly using the OptiLift mast controls.
  • Soft landing function protects the load and the fork from damage when lowering to the floor.
  • AC motor is maintenance free.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • Important components can be reached quickly behind the motor cover guaranteeing short down times.
  • Digital multi-function display informs the user of the battery charge status, operating hours, service status and any possible errors.

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