P50 Series 1190 Electric Tow Tractor

Uncomplicated pace-setter


Easy and efficient transport of goods over short distances

The P50 pedestrian tow tractor is designed especially for flexible transport with one or more tow hitches. Users benefit from the easy control, precise acceleration and effective braking that these trucks provide.

The truck is very agile and easy to manoeuvre in narrow aisles or elevators where there is limited space. The tow tractor is designed to provide stability on three wheels, which allows operators to use the tow tractor on ramps or on uneven surfaces. Its maximum towing load is 5.0 tonnes and can reach a maximum speed of 6 km/h.


  • Two rear wheels are located behind a deep apron that’s completely within the chassis. This prevents the wheels from becoming wedged together with any kind of obstruction or from crushing something.
  • There are no sharp edges on any part of the truck that the operator could hurt themselves on.
  • Specialised shape of the tiller protects the operator’s hands while driving.
  • If the operator releases the driving switch, the truck automatically brakes immediately.
  • Automatic speed reduction initiates when travelling around curves to protect the operator and the load from dangerous situations.

The pedestrian tow tractor tiller is ergonomically designed and easy to operate:

  • All important control elements are located on the tiller head and can be used with either hand.
  • Front and middle sections of the truck feature wide, spacious compartments for storing plastic packaging film, transport documents, work gloves and writing utensils.
  • Powerful 1.5kW AC motor helps the tow tractor reach its maximum speed quickly, with or without a load.
  • When the driving switch is released, the powerful braking system slows the truck and any trailers quickly. This interplay between the motor and brakes ensures high-performance handling.
  • Power steering makes the truck easy to operate and helps when manoeuvring in narrow aisles.
  • Creep-speed buttons on either side of the truck make it easier to connect a trailer to the truck.
  • The truck must be serviced after every 1,000 operating hours.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • Service components can be accessed easily by accessing a cover in the front part of the truck.
  • The AC motor is maintenance-free.

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