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Series 1202 H20-H35 Engine Forklifts

  • 2.0 - 3.5 tonnes capacity
  • Diesel or LPG Engine
  • Ideal for Stacking
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Linde Series 1202 H20-H35 Engine Forklifts

features features

The Linde 1202 series H20-H35 is the benchmark for economic efficiency, offering maximum productivity. It has set the standard for performance, ergonomics, safety, and connectivity. The hydrostatic drive operates wear free which results in longer service intervals. All movable components are long lasting, and maintenance for relevant parts are easily accessible for servicing. Being a digital truck, it comes with a 3.5” display,  providing a permanent overview of all important truck data,  and a connection to the Linde FleetFOCUS fleet management system as standard. New and improved ergonomic and intuitive features offer supreme operator comfort, guaranteeing fatigue free working even during long shifts. Increased operator visibility and a host of the most modern safety assistance systems in the industry, makes the 1202 one of the safest forklifts in the market.

Linde 1202 H20-H35 forklift internal view 1

Linde 1202 H20-H35 forklift internal view 2

Linde 1202 H20-H35 forklift internal view 3

  • Linde Load Control and dual-pedal control allows for fast, precise load handling
  • Optimised visibility improves safety in load handling and increases productivity
  • A tough construction means less downtime and more uptime
  • Easy access to important components for quick servicing
  • Perfectly configurable to suit your business and operator needs
  • Networking comes as standard so necessary maintenance can be planned for
  • Ergonomic driver’s workstation minimises physical stress and enables fatigue-free work

performance performance

The new Deutz diesel TCD 2.2 L3 and Deutz LPG G 2.2 L3 gear driven industrial engines provide consistently high torque with low rpm. You’ll also experience the lowest fuel consumption in the industry, thanks to the highly fuel efficient Linde hydrostatic driveline. The 3.5“ standard display provides the operator with all they need to know for optimal operation including fuel level indicator, steering angle indicator, tilt angle position, average fuel consumption indicator, plain text indicator and warning lights (LEDs), and an option to include the load weight indicator.

Linde 1202 H20-H35 engine forklift in action

safety safety

The 1202 can house the most modern safety assistance systems in the industry, enabling maximum performance with minimum risk, these include:

  • Linde Curve Assist: Automatically reduces traction speed proportionally while cornering
  • Optimised design that provides outstanding operator visibility in all directions for increased safety and productivity
  • A low center of gravity and high-mounted steering axle to improve stability while cornering
  • Electronic seat belt monitoring 
  • Raised residual capacities for lifting in highest lift heights 
  • Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS): Protects the engine against damages
  • Linde Load Assist 
  • Overhead tilt cylinders for high residual capacities and torsional stiffness
  • Linde VertiLight (option): Widespread illumination of the trucks working area
  • Linde LED Stripes (option): Optimised close range illumination of the front and rear, plus indication of the direction of travelling
  • Linde TruckSpot (option): The benchmark of optical warning systems using a large, self-explanatory, clear and bright warning symbol that pushes pedestrians to sidestep
  • Linde Load Weight Indicator (option): Telling you exactly what the current load weight is on a display
  • Linde Speed Assist (option): Reduces the driving speed in warehouses and production halls, helping to prevent accidents
  • The Linde Safety Pilot (option): Depending on the load weight, lift height and load distance, the display provides indications about the security of the operations and where required, limits the mast hydraulic functions automatically – it can be fully integrated into the optional 7” comfort display
  • The Linde Safety Guard (option) : Increases the safety of all personnel involved in internal traffic, it can see around corners and through walls, reduces speeds automatically and can be programmed to suit any hazardous scenario

ergonomics ergonomics

The 1202 H20-H35 is a truck designed around the needs of the driver:

  • Ergonomic steering using smooth hydrostatic power steering requiring effortless one handed steering, providing a fatigue free environment
  • Ergonomic positioning of pedals with double pedal control for fast and smooth travel direction changes, without constantly moving feet from one pedal to the other
  • Low positioned and large, anti-slippery access step coupled with ergonomically designed large handle bar at the A-column for safe truck access
  • Large footwell and huge head clearance
  • Optimum 360° all-round visibility from the operator‘s seat, providing clear visibility to the working environment
  • Armrest design includes multifunction switches with the ability to include individual allocation of favourite functions to the switches
  • Huge seat selection for highest ergonomics and comfort 
  • Option to have electronic parking brake fully integrated in armrest to ensure safe parking and ergonomically optimised activation of parking brake 
  • A decoupled workspace protecting the driver from vibrations
  • Heating and air conditioning so operator is comfortable in every working environment, plus the option to enclose the cabin and ensure maximum improved all-round visibility due to the high share of glass incorporated in the doors
  • USB socket e.g. allows charging of mobile phones
  • Radio with Bluetooth function and hands-free system
  • Large storage compartment for documents and/or personal belongings

productivity productivity

A nearly maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic driveline coupled with maintenance-free tilt cylinders makes the 1202 H20-H35 forklift one of the most highly productive trucks in the market. The closed underside prevents dust and dirt entering the engine compartment, reducing changes of internal damage, wear and tear. With removable covers and enlarged service openings, servicing can be performed quickly, decreasing down time. The industrial engine is driven by spur gears thus, a drive belt exchange is not required. 

reliability reliability

The 1202 H20-H35 has a robust construction, and comes with the Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) that protects the engine against damages. It’s designed to work harder for longer, with longer maintenance intervals — due to zero-wear components — resulting in lower service costs.

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Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Australia has everything you need - all under the one roof.

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Linde Series 1202 H20-H35 Engine Forklifts

Linde Series 1202 H20-H35 Engine Forklifts

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