Today it’s no longer enough to focus only on what’s best for the bottom line.

Companies need to consider the impact their operations may have on the planet, and this is especially true when it comes to choosing material handling equipment.


The costs of running a forklift aren’t simply measured in the dollars spent to buy, fuel and maintain the equipment – it’s also measured in safety, efficiency, energy consumption and emissions.


That’s why at Linde Material Handling, our intralogistics solutions are built with the future in mind.


And that future is Green Performance.




Seeing Red - Acting Green


Green performance isn’t about taking the one “best” green solution and applying it to all businesses. It’s about finding the right green solution for your business.


Our experts work with your individual requirements to customise a plan to optimise your existing systems or help you make the switch to other forms of energy that will better suit your needs. 


With our broad range of future-proof technologies, we offer a way for businesses to meet the growing demands of sustainability without compromising on productivity.


Here’s how we’re doing this:


  • Always the right choice
    Fuel cell, Lithium-ION technology or modern lead-acid batteries available across almost all warehouse trucks and electric forklifts.
  • Everything from a single source
    Battery systems and chargers are optimally matched to the trucks, ensuring energy efficiency and high availability.
  • IC trucks with minimised emissions
    The latest generation of IC trucks surpass emissions regulations and are approved for use with hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) fuels in addition to diesel, LPG, and CNG.
  • Electric in every application
    The Linde Electric X-models are robust and powerful without exhaust fumes and engine noise – perfect for the toughest operating conditions.
  • E-power without end
    Electric alternatives in trucks with lift capacity of up to 18 tonnes. Available in lead-acid or Lithium-ION battery options.


An Electric Forklift that Performs Like an IC truck


A lot of businesses rely on the classic internal combustion engine forklifts for performance. But in a changing world where emission reductions need to be considered, an electric alternative is needed.


So, can an electric truck be as robust and powerful as the classic combustion engine forklift? 


Absolutely. The Linde electric X-models were developed to combine both the performance and load capacity of the IC forklift – but with zero emissions. And now with a load range of up to 5 tonnes!


Need maximum lift with minimal environmental impact?

The E100 - E180 electric heavy-duty forklifts can handle up to 18 tonnes.


The Power to Choose the Right Energy


The Green Performance is a holistic approach to reducing your environmental impact and energy costs without sacrificing on performance. Our in-depth consulting goes beyond trucks, batteries, and chargers.


We help you to choose the right energy system based on what will align best to your operational requirements. This takes into consideration not only the environmental impacts but your use, energy consumption and charging requirements, along with your existing infrastructure.


This means that our recommended solution may include one or a mix of available energy sources including:


·      Lithium-ION

·      Fuel Cells

·      Internal Combustion (IC) Engines

·      Lead Acid Batteries


Ready to take the first steps to your Green Performance? Speak to a Linde expert to find out more.