Internal Combustion (IC) Engines and Hydrostatic Drives

High Performance up to 18 tonnes

For decades, Linde Material Handling has been setting the standards for productivity and cost-effectiveness in the development of IC trucks:

Hydrostatic Drive with Linde Two Pedal System

Linde was the first company to use a hydrostatic drive for IC trucks:

  • Features a pump which is powered by the IC engine. This pump transmits power in the form of oil pressure via a closed circuit linked to the two hydraulic motors in the drive axle
  • The Linde two pedal system control allows the driver to control the volume and direction of the oil flow, and therefore the speed and direction of the truck, using two pedals
  • The truck's direction can be changed simply by switching pedals. When doing so, the closed oil circuit brakes the truck, meaning the braking system is just as superfluous as a clutch and transmission. This way, Linde's hydrostatic drive is able to work continuously, entirely uniformly, and smoothly
  • This innovative form of transmission is what gives Linde's IC trucks their dexterity, dependability and efficiency
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Linde engine forklifts combine outstanding engineering and ergonomics in a design which lets operators perform productively shift after shift. With lifting capacities from 1.4 - 18.0 tonnes, there’s a Linde forklift just right for your application.

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