V15 Series 5215 Electric Order Picker

A smooth operator

Operate productively and with confidence

The V15 utilises 100% AC motor technology, along with the latest controls, allowing the operator to smoothly operate the truck. Operators benefit from Linde's well known ergonomic controls, which provide a sure grip increasing operator productivity and confidence.

The trucks have been designed to handle the most demanding applications. Critical harness connections utilise sealed connectors, along with solid state components like warehouse effect sensors which eliminate the use of wearing parts. Base arms welded to the chassis frame and seperate from the mast provide a unitised design with a rigid and firm feel, even at top racking heights


  • The multifunctional butterfly control handle with ergonomic layout and integrated sensor allows a solid 4-point stance for support. All functions are within easy reach and fingertip controlled, guaranteeing comfortable and precise operating whilst eliminating awkward wrist movements.
  • Linde curve control automatically reduces driving speed, depending on steering angle, ensuring an extra level of safety.
  • Slack chain indicators.
  • Linde Clear View overhead Guard.
  • An adjustable 4 inch console dash allows the operator to adjust a variety of workstation heights for their comfort.
  • A thick shock absorbing floor mat and large flush mounted floor switch allow the operator to move around within the compartment and still have a 4-point stance.
  • An additional hand rest provides additional comfort and stability.
  • Storage compartment provides enough space for clipboard and other supplies.
  • Low step height reduces fatigue for operators who are continually getting on and off the truck.
  • Large operator foot room and brake area with a premium floor mat, ensure enough space to comfortably change foot positioning throughout the day.
  • The steer tiller handle and steer effort can be dampened or adjusted for the confidence of the operator.
  • The multifunction control handle is stationary allowing a solid 4-point stance position in the operator compartment.
  • Auto center steering at startup.
  • The pallet clamp automatically centers and firmly grips the pallet.
  • The frame design allows greater loads at extended lift heights up to 9145mm without extended outriggers.
  • Powerful AC Traction / Lift / Steering motors for high productivity.
  • Automatically clamps and centers pallets with any stringer, ranging from 25 - 125mm, eliminating the need for standardisation of pallets or the use of workarounds.
  • Proportional lift control with powered regenerative lowering.
  • CAN bus communication is used to simplify wiring and communication and allows for quick diagnosis when servicing.
  • Fewer parts to ensure maximum running time and less to maintain.
  • Hall effect sensors AC power means better performance and less maintenance.
  • No brush sets, spring sets, commutators or carbon dust.
  • Extended maintenance intervals.
  • AC components run cooler extending life and reducing operating cost.
  • Full and access to key components is achieved without tools and they can be accesses quickly as they’re directly in front of technician.
  • Robust construction.
  • Maintenance-free AC motor.
  • Chassis options

  • Battery options

  • Clear view bullet proof glass OHG

  • Optional light package for better visibility within the workspace and dimly lit areas of the warehouse

  • Height adjustable control panel

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