P40-P60 Series 4595 Electric Tow Tractor

Dynamic tower


Fast transport even in confined spaces

The P40–P60 C electric tow tractors are compact and manoeuvrable towing vehicles that are particularly suitable for indoor transport and line supply in production.

A wide range of trailer couplings makes the P40–P60 C compatible with a variety of trailer types, and the special design of the vehicles allows the operator an optimum view of the trailer and load.

The ergonomic design including the dashboard, backrest and operator’s platform are decoupled from the chassis, and absorb all shocks and vibrations. The ergonomic and intuitive Linde steering wheel is height-adjustable and can be adapted to the operator’s needs.


  • The operator's body and limbs remain within the protective contours of the vehicle at all times.
  • A robust cast steel bumper protects the operator and vehicle in the event of a collision.
  • When cornering, the tractor automatically reduces its speed.
  • Option to equip with LED front and rear lights, turn signals, work lights, and brake lights that illuminate the operator’s area of vision or improve the visibility of the vehicle in operating traffic.
  • Linde BlueSpot™ is also available.

The ergonomic design of the P40–P60 C electric tow tractors enables the operator to work without fatigue.

  • Adjustable backrest with a fold-out seat and a spacious operator’s platform.
  • Control elements on the Linde steering wheel are easy to reach and intuitively arranged.
  • Operator’s seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to suit their size.
  • Wide entrance with low step height makes entry and exit easier.
  • Dashboard, backrest, and operator platform are fully suspended, protecting the operator’s body from shocks.
  • Spacious storage compartments allow the operator to safely stow and quickly reach all work documents.
  • Powerful and low-maintenance 3kW motor (2.3 kW with P40 C B) allows the tractor to reach a top speed of 13 km/h without load.
  • Chassis gives the operator an excellent view of the trailer and load.
  • Wide selection of different trailer couplings makes the electric tow tractors compatible with many different trailer types.
  • Height-adjustable Linde steering wheel can be effortlessly operated with one hand and allows the operator to perform precise manoeuvres in any direction.
  • Lithium-ION batteries are also an option.

The robust design of the P40–P60 C electric tow tractors enables very long maintenance intervals and thus ensures high availability of the vehicles.

  • Drive wheel can operate for 10,000 hours before re-lubrication is required with no need to readjust the brakes.
  • Non-contact sensors do not wear out.
  • All important components of the vehicle are easily accessible and the cable harnesses are clearly arranged.

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