D12 R/RW Series 1164 Electric Pallet Stacker

The master of double-deck manoeuvring


High throughput performance even in confined spaces

D12 R version
The D12 R double pallet stacker transports two pallets of up to 1.2 tonnes and achieves a speed of up to 10 km/h with its 3 kW AC MOTOR. This makes it particularly suitable for fast transport over medium and long distances where high throughput rates are required. Thanks to the initial lift, the vehicle is also suitable for loading and unloading trucks. Precise control enables safe, comfortable and productive handling. Thanks to its compact chassis and excellent manoeuvrability, the D12 R can be manoeuvred safely and quickly, even in confined spaces. The high seating position, which is perpendicular to the direction of travel, provides the operator with the best possible visibility of the loads and the surroundings.

D12 RW version
The D12 RW double pallet stacker is a fast and agile all-rounder for the simultaneous transport of two pallets of up to 1.2 tonnes. Equipped with a powerful 3 kW AC motor, it reaches a speed of up to 12 km/h without load and 10 km/h with load. This makes it particularly suitable for medium and long distances in warehouses with a high handling capacity. It is also ideally adapted for loading and unloading trucks. An ergonomic seating position and intuitive controls allow comfortable, fatigue-free working. The wide chassis of 970mm ensures a high degree of freedom of movement.


D12 R version

  • The design of the truck ensures that the operator is safely enclosed within its contour at all times.
  • Safety against falling loads is provided by an overhead guard with plexi-glass pane or optionally with a protective grille.
  • Safe handling is supported by automatic speed reduction during cornering and a brake that engages automatically as soon as the operator releases the drive button.
  • If necessary, an easily accessible emergency stop interrupts all vehicle functions and activates the electromechanical brake.
  • To protect the vehicle, the D12 R is equipped with a pallet stop to prevent the pallets from damaging the lifting components.

D12 RW version

  • Has three independent braking systems that ensure the safety of the operator and other warehouse staff when in use.
  • The speed is automatically reduced when cornering.
  • A four-point configuration ensures high stability and optimum traction even with maximum load.
  • The wide chassis means that the operator is always protected within the truck contours.
  • The high seating position offers an optimal view of the surroundings.
  • When the fork is lowered, the lifting speed is automatically reduced reducing damage to the load and wear on the truck.

D12 R version

  • Various assistance systems make steering easier for the operator.
  • The steering torque adapts automatically to the driving speed and the radius of the corner.
  • The truck automatically reduces speed depending on the steering angle.
  • The comfortable one-handed 'Tip Control' combines all control functions into one ergonomic joystick unit.
  • The surface on which the hand rests can be individually adjusted and therefore ensures a fatigue-free, ergonomic hand position.

D12 RW version

  • Seat position, which has been shifted by 90°, offers an excellent view of the surroundings for fatigue-free manoeuvring in both directions.
  • Generous chassis width of 970mm enables ergonomic working with a high degree of freedom of movement.
  • Additional comfort when operating is ensured by the individual adjustment options for the seat, backrest and floor plate.
  • Easily accessible controls integrated into the console makes for highly efficient operation.

D12 R version

  • Powerful 3kW AC motor enables precise control at speeds of up to 10 km/h with a total load weight of 1.2 tonnes.
  • A high handling capacity thanks to the simultaneous double-deck transport of two pallets.
  • Suitable for use as a regular pallet stacker for loads up to 1.2 tonnes.
  • Convenient single-handed control system ensures precise and efficient control of the double stacker in any driving situation, even in confined spaces.
  • Access to transport documents and other paperwork is also particularly convenient thanks to an easy-to-access pouch integrated below the seat.

D12 RW version

  • Powerful 3kW AC motor accelerates the truck to a speed of up to 12 km/h and up to 10 km/h with a load.
  • Four-point configuration ensures maximum stability of the pallet stacker even at full speed and fully loaded.
  • The fork or mast movements are controlled precisely and smoothly simply with the touch of a fingertip.
  • Fork and truck can be controlled simultaneously, ensuring high productivity thanks to smooth work processes.

D12 R version

  • Maintenance-free technologies are used to increase vehicle availability and reduce servicing costs.

D12 RW version

  • A robust design and durable drive unit guarantee high performance with low maintenance requirements.
  • Multifunction display keeps the operator constantly informed, for e.g., via a battery discharge indicator, an operating hour metre and a fault code indicator.

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