E20-E25 B Series 1293 Electric Counterbalance Forklift

The efficient performer

Performance indoor and out

The Linde E20-E25 B Series 1293 is the electric counterbalance truck with improved performance and endurance.

This electric forklift is available with either a lead-acid battery or Lithium-ION power source, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for a range of different industries. With the integration of the Linde Digital Controller, the E20-E25 B can easily switch between three power settings to meet different working conditions.

Its maintenance-free AC motor, versatile components and easy access design reduce the service and repair time on this truck so that the truck is back to work sooner.


  • Slim mast offers superior visibility.
  • Seat safety switch and easy touch emergency button.
  • Low battery position for lower centre of gravity and better stability.
  • Adjustable steering column for customisable workspace.
  • Low noise emission reduces hearing strain for workers.
  • Centrally located lever and smaller steering wheel reduces fatigue.
  • Comfortable wrap-in seat.
  • The Linde Digital Controller offers three distinct power settings tailored to various work conditions.
  • The electric motors provide exceptionally dynamic acceleration, which contributes to outstanding handling performance.
  • Maintenance space reserved by the drive motor and main harness stored under the driver seat.
  • Easy maintenance due to modular design, simple battery access and versatile parts.
  • Twin pedal
  • SE tyres
  • Integrated side shifter
  • Hook-on side shifter
  • Additional hydraulic circuits for attachments
  • Flashing beacon
  • Visual Warning Systems such as Linde BlueSpot™ and Linde TruckSpot

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