Driving sustainability, safety and service


Logistics Holdings Australia (LHA) has had a clear vision from the start – to connect quality supply chain service providers to enable a superior logistics service. To LHA being a “quality provider” and offering a “superior service” means sustainability and safety considerations and the vision extends to their choice in partnerships. 
In fact, LHA’s success has, in part, arisen through the partnerships they’ve formed – and we at Linde are proud to be one such partner. 

Across LHA’s depots and warehousing operations around Australia, Linde and Baoli forklifts have been instrumental in delivering on their commitment to sustainability, safety and service.

Back of four Linde electric forklifts

Making the transition to a greener future


LHA’s partnership with Linde Material Handling stems from their commitment to sustainability, a value shared with their parent company, Singapore Post. 
The reduction of site-level emissions is a key goal in LHA’s sustainability campaign, one that aligns perfectly with Linde’s focus to deliver on a targeted strategy to positively impact the environment.

But making the decision on their material handling partner was about more than just choosing an electric fleet. For LHA it was important to find a business that demonstrated an alignment to their sustainability goals across the company. 


At Linde we actively implement measures to enhance our sustainability performance. 
Since 2012 Linde has been regularly tested and certified by the independent service provider EcoVadis and in that same year we established our sustainability strategy. 
As a result of this dedication, in 2020 Linde received a Gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis for the first time, a status that we’ve upheld ever since. 

Winning EcoVadis Gold Status

This commitment can also be seen through a range of practices, innovations and continued improvements at Linde which include: 

  • The reduction of emissions from our diesel and LPG forklifts
  • The production of high-performance electric forklifts with a low energy consumption
  • The use of materials that make Linde trucks up to 99% recyclable
  • A comprehensive reconditioning process for used trucks
  • Ambitious targets and guidelines for an environmentally friendly and safe production environment.


Embracing Lithium-ION


The decision to partner with Linde came after a comprehensive tender process, during which LHA considered various material handling equipment providers and their electric range. 
“As part of our commitment to sustainability, we've made the decision to replace our core fleet of LPG gas trucks with lithium-ion battery-powered trucks,” – Stephen Carroll, LHA’s General Manager – Strategy. 

One aspect that set Linde apart from the competitors was our selection of electric vehicles. 
“We really liked Linde’s products for electric vehicles." Carroll went on to say.
With all the buzz in the industry recently about the advantages that lithium-ION batteries offer, at Linde we’ve focused on producing lithium-ION batteries that prioritise optimal, sustainable performance. 

This means delivering businesses like LHA, who rely heavily on their material handling fleet, high-performing batteries that stand out thanks to their:


  • high energy efficiency - up to 30% more energy than lead-acid batteries
  • quick charge - short interval charging
  • maintenance-free operation - no downtime, easy to clean, no leaks
  • powerful performance - no loss of performance even at low charge levels.


Of course, the core reason LHA switched to electric was to reduce emissions, but with sites that require 24 hour coverage, supporting LHA’s operations with enhanced efficiency, handling and safety was a must.

In paving the way towards a more sustainable future, Linde's offerings were ideal and now around half of LHA’s forklifts are electric.


Safety first


“The safety features included in the offer was another significant factor in our decision to choose Linde. Our previous equipment was very old, with minimal safety features. We wanted to replace them with new equipment with state-of-the-art safety features, and Linde delivered exactly that.” - Stephen Carroll.

Each of the Electric Counterbalance forklifts in LHA’s new fleet is equipped with Linde Curve Assist, an advanced safety feature enhancing the control and stability of a forklift. This intelligent system automatically slows down the vehicle when it's moving too quickly around a bend, countering the centrifugal forces that risk toppling the truck. The Curve Assist is particularly beneficial when navigating tight turns or when an operator unintentionally accelerates into a curve.



For LHA, FleetFOCUS, our comprehensive fleet management solution, was also of interest.

Designed to enhance efficiency, productivity and equipment resource control, FleetFOCUS gives LHA invaluable insights into their fleet's performance so they can make informed decisions to mitigate potential disruptions, minimise downtime and optimise resource allocation through real-time data.

The reports available through FleetFOCUS give LHA the critical information they need to ensure the safety and operation efficiency of their trucks.

Superior service - a shared vision


Just like LHA, at Linde we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience when it comes to service.

"Jordan bent over backwards for us," said Stephen, highlighting the personalised attention and service Linde Key Account Manager, Jordan Cambie, provided.

And the experience was mutual according to Jordan,

“It’s a pleasure working with a client who not only proactively embraces sustainability by adopting electric vehicles, but also prioritises the safety of their operators. Choosing Linde’s state-of-the-art safety features, they demonstrate commitment to their team and to responsible operation. It is such forward-thinking partners who inspire and drive us to offer increasingly sustainable solutions to foster a greener future.”

LHA BagTrans Warehouse

Ultimately, Linde's commitment to sustainability, our quality range of electric forklifts and superior service secured the partnership, making us the proud new national material handling provider to Logistics Handling Australia.

Our partnership is a testament to the alignment of our values and goals, and we look forward to strengthening this relationship in the years to come.


If you want to learn more  visit our Lithium-ION Energy page, our Sustainability page or contact us below.