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100 years

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The early days

Together with Hugo Güldner and Georg von Krauss, Carl von Linde founded Güldner-Motoren-Gesellschaft in Munich in 1904. Three years later the company moved to Aschaffenburg and then in 1929, Carl von Linde’s company took over.


One of the key reasons our customers tell us that they’ve chosen Linde over a competitor is safety. From outstanding operator visibility to industry leading ergonomics and the inherent anti roll back assurance of our hydrostatic drive system — our commitment to safety is second to none.

Linde safety solutions have been developed to ensure they address the specific safety requirements of individual businesses. This includes reducing risks to the operator, personnel, equipment and warehouse. See below for a list of just some of the innovative intelligent assistance systems we’ve launched over the years — there’s far too many to fit into one page!

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man reviewing interface on computer

Linde Safety Guard

  • Transmitters on trucks, walls, racking and personnel create warning zones that work though walls or racking, reducing risk of accidents.
  • Warnings via a series of haptic, audio and visual signals.
  • Speed restriction zones can also be programmed.
  • Position accuracy of ten centimetres, with individually adjustable warning zones, minimises false alarms.
safety guard transmitters with warning lights

Safety Pilot

  • Helps reduce operator error.
  • Enables the operator to preselect their lift height, input lifting and lowering limits and have precise control at the touch of a button.
forklift safety pilot interface

Automatic Travel Speed Control & Linde Curve Assist

  • Speed assist: Provides automatic speed limitation, tailored to your business’ needs, throughout your site for both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Curve assist: Provides automatic, proportional speed adjustment when a truck is cornering, to create a safer working environment for the operator and nearby personnel.
forklift sending signal

Dynamic Mast Control

  • Automatically compensates and minimises mast oscillations and mast deflections through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage.
  • Ensures smooth, simultaneous lift and reach movements for reach trucks.
forklift reaching for pallets

Armoured Glass Roof

  • Minimises obstructions to the operator’s view, reducing operator stress.
  • Helps to avoid damage to racking, trucks and goods.
  • Maximises productivity and equipment life.
hand on forklift steering wheel

Linde Load Management

  • Automatically calculates residual capacity based on the height of the forks and the weight they’re carrying.
  • Visual and audible warnings activate in safety-critical conditions, and speed reduction is applied in relation to the residual value, and as the steering angle increases.
forklift control interface

Reverse Proximity Alarm

  • Acoustic and visual warnings to reduce accident potential.
  • Automatically reduces the speed of the truck when an obstacle is detected.
forklift reversing with proximity

LED Stripes

  • Light up white in the direction of travel and red in the opposite direction.
  • Gives the driver the best possible visibility and allows other vehicles/pedestrians to quickly and easily identify which direction the truck is travelling in.
forklifts with LED stripes on the back


  • Visual warning that projects a large, bright blue spot onto the floor several metres ahead of the vehicle in the direction of travel.
forklift projecting blue spot


  • Building off the BlueSpot system, this projects a large 1.25 metre warning triangle several metres in front of a reversing forklift.
  • Provides an even more effective alert for nearby pedestrians and other forklift drivers.
forklift projecting warning triangle

Warning Lines

  • Clearly visible bright lines projected from the forklift onto the floor of the workspace around the truck.
  • Clearly indicates hazardous areas for nearby pedestrians.
forklift projecting warning lines

Stationary Warning Projector

  • A compact, high performance LED spotlight that projects warning symbols from a fixed position.
  • Gives a visual warning to anyone in the path of an oncoming forklift.
spotlight projecting warning symbol


  • Illuminates a large working area thanks to its half-circular design with wide light band and seven LEDs.
  • The anti-glare LEDs distribute the light uniformly from the floor to the upper edge of the shelf, improving visibility of the shelf, load and forks.
forklift lighting shelves

Submit your details to learn how Linde can help improve safety in your business.