Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Statement

Linde Material Handling Pty. Ltd. (‘Linde‘) is committed to a proactive approach to equal employment opportunity across all areas of our business and merit based employment practices. Our more commonly male dominated roles are within our Service Technician area. Within Australia there has been an ongoing challenge across many industries with skilled labour that has significantly impacted available skilled candidates in this area, however Linde continues to actively encourage the inclusivity & diversity of our workforce across all roles.

Linde understands that diversity, inclusion and equality starts with the leadership team, which is why over the last few years there has been continued efforts to ensure the senior management team at Linde is made up of both men and women.

As you will see in our results when referring to our key management personnel, which is made up of our leadership team on a local level, we have equal male and female representation. Over time, we have continued to encourage the development of our employees internally, which has seen an increase of female representation across our management teams and in the wider business.

Our governing body, the KION Group, are our parent company and the KION Executive Board is determined by shareholders within the KION market. The makeup of this executive board is not controlled by Linde and does not reflect our immediate workforce.

Linde does not pay people differently based on their gender or any other protected attribute. The gender pay gap is an on-flow effect of the larger male presence in our sales personnel and service technician occupations across the business. The total remuneration of these groups is higher due to additional elements of their compensation packages (such as commission or allowances) that are not applicable to roles where there is higher female representation.

We have further work to do on our gender pay gap and are committed to taking appropriate action to minimise this gender pay gap across the wider organisation where we can.

Rachael McPherson
Director, Human Resources & Compliance