M25 Series 033 Pallet Truck

Robust tool

Rapid transport of heavy loads over short distances

The M25 pallet truck has a rugged construction and will not bend under heavy loads. This manual pallet jack has a maximum load capacity of 2.5 tonnes, and thanks to its steel chassis, it can take about 25% more weight than comparable models of this size.

The hydraulics of the M25 are protected from dust and are well suited to long, hard working days, requiring minimum servicing. The drive wheels and rollers increase handling capacity with their low rolling resistance.

The tiller also has a large steering angle on both sides making it easy to manoeuvre the M25 in a tight space, such as truck loading bays, and a broad tiller handle protects the hands from injury.


  • Broad handle of the tiller surrounds the hands and protects from impact when shunting.
  • Low chassis protects the feet from injury.
  • No sharp edges or corners.
  • The M25 pallet truck can be operated effortlessly even if there is little space available.
  • The tiller can be angled up to 105 degrees and can move the truck laterally.
  • Small rollers on the tips of the fork help the operator lift the pallet with little force.
  • Can easily be pulled by one hand with little rolling resistance.
  • Quick lift function makes it possible to lift lighter loads of up to 0.2 tonnes more quickly thus reaching its maximum lift height twice as fast.
  • Load capacity of the steel chassis provides for more handling capacity as the operator can transport significantly more over each stretch than with comparable models.
  • The pointed forks push quickly into wrapped pallets.

Overall, the M25 pallet truck only needs to hit the check stand once in a while as all of the components are of solid construction.

  • Steering wheels, load rollers, and the slide bushings hardly ever wear.
  • Encapsulated hydraulic system is protected from dust and dirt.
  • Chassis has a durable powder coating protecting it from corrosion.

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