V Series 5213 Electric Order Picker

Modular vertical order picker


Pick orders efficiently at any height

The V modular vertical order pickers offers the operator an ergonomic working area and intuitive operation. In addition, the cushioned cabs, low entry height and low railing aim to prevent fatigue and make picking easier. The high lifting and travel speeds of up to 13 km/hr also ensure a high picking output.

Linde adjusts the truck to the customer's individual picking tasks on the basis of a modular system. The vertical order pickers reach picking heights of up to 12 metres. Depending on the model, they boast a lifting capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes. As a powerful entry-level model for medium order picking heights of up to 7.8 metres and lifting capacities of up to 1 tonne, the V modular B vertical order picker is also available.


  • Truck can only be moved if the operator is touching the sensors on the control unit with both hands and activating the dead man's switch in the footwell.
  • Electrically monitored side barriers must be closed to lift the operator platform. 
  • Emergency lowering valve under the rear cover is easily accessible even in narrow aisles.
  • A scanner option on the front and rear monitor the route and stop the truck if there are people or obstacles in the way.
  • A service technician can define general travel, lift and lowering end stops in the truck system in order to make collisions with ceilings or walls impossible.
  • A specially designed mast allows for particularly good visibility thus contributing to safe operation.
  • Ergonomically shaped control panel and generous cab.
  • Floor of the spring-mounted platform is covered with a soft mat, which absorbs vibrations during movement or lifting and therefore prevents fatigue.
  • Edge of the cab floor has a fixed base so that the operator can stand safely during order picking.
  • Low railing makes the picking process easier.
  • Side barriers can optionally tilt outwards so that it is easier to access the racking.
  • Various storage areas and equipment variants available for individual requirements.

High lifting and travel speeds, as well as low energy consumption, are characteristic of the various AC motors used in the vertical order pickers.

  • Trucks quickly reach lift heights of up to 12 metres (with V modular B up to 7.8 metres), ultimately ensuring improved handling performance.
  • High residual load capacity
  • Precise electrical steering unit, with which the truck can be manoeuvred easily and quickly, also ensures effective picking processes.
  • Travel and lift motors of the vertical order pickers are encapsulated meaning they're completely protected from dust and dirt. This prevents costly failures and also means that users do not have to service the unit.
  • Central components are behind a screen and are easy to access.
  • CAN bus interface makes it easy for the service technicians to check all central data.

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