W20-W30 Series 5007-10 Electric Tow Tractor

The versatile and agile platform truck


Move large and heavy loads with ease

Linde Material Handling’s W20 – W30 electric platform trucks are perfect for moving large, bundled loads of material. The trucks offer a high level of performance, agility and precise manoeuvrability, with smooth steering for effortless operation even in confined spaces. The W20 offers a two tonne capacity and can reach speeds of 20km/h without a payload, while the W30 has a three tonne capacity and is capable of reaching up to 23km/h.

A cabin that’s isolated from the chassis, and a drive axle featuring coil springs instead of leaf springs prevents shocks and vibrations from being transmitted to the driver when on uneven ground.

For safety, the W20 – W30 platform trucks are equipped with several braking systems, including multi-disc and automatic parking brakes. The trucks also feature smart speed deceleration when on ramps or driving downhill, as well as automatic speed adjustment when cornering.


  • Automatic parking brake to avoid rolling on inclines.
  • Foot pedal-activated multi-disc brake.
  • Speed is maintained automatically when driving on ramps or when taking curves.
  • Robust cabin with optional protective bars for windshield.
  • Optional seat belt.
  • Safe and easy battery changes.
  • Electrically monitored cabin doors.
  • With the cabin isolated from the chassis and the use of shock absorbers instead of leaf springs, vibrations and operator fatigue are reduced.
  • Large curved windscreen and spacious cabin for optimal visibility.
  • Convenient storage for work utensils.
  • Powerful electric motors ensure high handling capacities.
  • Precision steering with a small turning circle for high handling capabilities.
  • Optional double mirrors for complete view of vehicle during difficult manoeuvres.
  • Designed for minimal service and downtime.
  • Easily accessible service components.
  • Enclosed brake and control hydraulics.
  • Maintenance-free multi-disc brake.
  • Easily replaceable windscreen.
  • Lateral or vertical battery change options.

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