T20S Series 1154 Electric Pallet Truck

A precise and agile pallet truck


Manoeuvrability even in tight spaces

The T20S pallet truck features a precise electrical steering unit and specially designed narrow chassis for perfect manoeuvrability. Only slightly wider than an actual pallet, the truck handles with ease even in confined spaces, and has a lift capacity of 2.0 tonnes.

The truck’s control platform is isolated from the chassis to absorb vibrations and reduce fatigue from driving on uneven surfaces. Drivers operate the truck from an elevated standing position, so they maintain optimal visibility of the forks and load.

The T20 S pallet truck also offers a variety of safety features, including a dead man switch that triggers the brake, and automatic speed reduction when cornering.


  • Rugged and compact chassis with protective truck contours.
  • Dead-man switch with load-dependent electromagnetic brake.
  • Standing position and compact chassis offer optimal view of the forks.
  • Automatic speed adjustment around corners.
  • Low-vibration platform isolated from chassis.
  • Padded backrest for comfort.
  • Ergonomic and height-adjustable control unit.
  • Effortless operation with left or right hand.
  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor with a 12km/h max speed.
  • Alternative steering systems.
  • Narrow chassis enhances manoeuvrability.
  • Joystick controls for precise movement.
  • CAN bus system protects electronics.
  • Easy access to relevant components.
  • Maintenance-free motor is protected from dust, reducing service and repair time.
  • A rugged chassis and specially designed fork tips enter the pallet smoothly to provide stability and durability to the truck.

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