T20-T24 AP | SP Series 1158 Electric Pallet Truck

The best view in forward or reverse

A 45° driving position

With an ideal 45° driving position, Linde Series 1158 T20-T24 AP|SP electric ride-on pallet trucks provide an excellent view of the environment driving in either forward or reverse. This contributes to the utmost safety in every situation with exceptional stability, especially when cornering. The electronically controlled hydraulic suspension active castor wheels provide superb stability and traction when transporting pallet loads with automatic braking on releasing the travel switch and well controllable countercurrent braking. The electromagnetic braking is initiated by the emergency stop button that acts on the drive motor, proportional to the load carried.


An outstanding piece of equipment where performance is paired with safety.

  • Sturdy steel cockpit enclosure keeps the operator safe from shock and impact throughout the working day
  • Skirt surrounding the platform prevents damage to the truck or injury to legs and feet by intrusion of other forked vehicles
  • At no time is the operator’s body exposed beyond the contours of the truck
  • The ergonomic 45° angle driving position opens up entirely new perspectives by keeping the working environment in good view travelling either forwards or in reverse
  • Padded backrest for added comfort
  • All functions are on the drive control
  • Can be easily operated with one hand
  • Butterfly controls and be used with either thumb or index finger
  • Dampened platform floor for comfort and anti-fatigue of operator
  • Low step height for ease of entry and exit
  • Each fork tip supports a load of 2 tonnes without bending, highlighting the rugged construction which makes this a truck to rely on
  • Smooth entry of the forks into closed pallets is assisted by the ramped tip shape, lead-in and narrow width (165 mm)
  • Self-centering, power assisted steering keeps truck on track in a straight line (SP)
  • Curve control reduces speed automatically when the steering angle is increased

Quickly conduct preventive maintenance and diagnosis when it comes to service time.

  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician
  • Swift access to all components and maintenance-free AC technology play an additional part in maximising truck uptime
  • Load guards

  • Wheels

  • Cold store protection

  • Batteries

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