P120-P350 Series 5007-10 Electric Tow Tractor

The powerful load handler


Move heavy goods quickly and easily

The robust and powerful P120 – P350 electric tow tractors can move loads of up to 35 tonnes at top speeds of up to 25km/h. Available in six variants with different towing capacities, they all offer powerful electric motors for consistently high towing performance anywhere and anytime.

Models featuring short wheelbases are easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces, while models with longer wheelbase deliver high directional stability. The cabin is isolated from the chassis, and the drive axle comes equipped with coil springs rather than leaf springs, protecting the driver from the transmission of shocks when driving on uneven ground.

The P120 – P350 tractors also feature three independent braking systems, as well as automatic speed control when cornering and driving downhill. The vehicle’s robust cabin with optional protective windshield bars and an optional seat belt protects drivers in case of an accident.


  • Three independent braking systems including automatic parking brake.
  • Speed controlled on curves and kept consistent when driving down ramps.
  • Robust cabin with protective bars for windshield, and electronically monitored doors.
  • Lateral battery change for safe and easy handling.
  • Spacious driver’s compartment and a roof hatch that can be opened and closed.
  • Driver’s cabin is isolated from the chassis and equipped with shock absorbers to minimise vibrations.
  • Large curved windscreen and optional double rear view mirrors for optimum all-around visibility.
  • Optional sliding doors for easy access and exiting.
  • Powerful electric motors for high towing performance of up to 35 tonnes.
  • Maximum speeds up to 25km/h.
  • Small turning circle with smooth and precise steering.
  • Models available with short wheelbase for precision or long wheelbase for stability.
  • Easy access for technicians to all relevant components.
  • Easy and fast battery replacement.
  • Maintenance-free multi-disc brake — thanks to its closed brake/hydraulic system that prevents dust and dirt from entering.
  • The bolted front windshield is easily replaceable.

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