N20 XL Series 1115 Electric Order Picker

Powerful picking solution


Simultaneous picking with two pallets at operator height

The extra-long forks allows the N20 XL from Linde Material Handling to transport two pallets on initial lift with a total weight of up to 2.0 tonnes simultaneously. The mast construction allows the operator to load both pallets (300 kg each), at a height of 750mm, making it easy on the operator’s back. As the operator platform is positioned in front of the battery, the operator always has a good view of the warehouse environment whilst operating the picker, and can react early to dangerous situations. The entire operating platform is also spring-loaded which reduces vibrations or shocks caused by uneven floors.


  • Three braking systems protect the operator and load, i.e the electromagnetic service brake is coupled with a dead man’s switch and an emergency button.
  • Hydraulically assisted braking system reduces truck speed proportionally to the weight of the load, and the truck reduces its speed in proportion to the angle of the steering wheel when cornering.
  • Linde brake control automatically applies when the drive control is released.
  • Flattened contours of the chassis, the rounded operator platform as well as the automatic lane centring of the Linde steering wheel provide additional safety.
  • Steel bumper at the front of the truck reduces shocks and vibrations, and a rubber coating can be added as an option.
  • As an option, LED front lights and the Linde BlueSpot™ are available to visually announce the order picker is nearby.
  • Wide and low entrance operator platform is easily accessible from both sides.
  • Two pallets can be loaded simultaneously at a height that is easy on the back, thus saving unnecessary movement.
  • Mast control and optional pedestrian controls for moving the truck are located on both sides of the backrest.
  • Operator cab has various options for the operator to adapt the truck to their requirements, including many storage areas.
  • Both the intuitive Linde steering wheel and the backrest with fold-out seat are height-adjustable to suit the operator.
  • Operating platform is spring-loaded and reduces vibrations and shocks.
  • Powered by a 3kW AC motor, the order picker can quickly accelerate to up to 12 km/h.
  • Various wheel designs ensure truck and load stability on transport routes within the warehouse.
  • Lead-acid or Lithium-ION battery provides the optimum power supply to meet the requirements of the fleet.
  • Intuitive Linde steering wheel allows the driver to control all operating functions effortlessly and with pin-point accuracy.
  • For very short distances in the rack rows, the operator can comfortably use the pedestrian function controls on both sides of the truck, saving unnecessary boarding and alighting.
  • Initial lift function facilitates transport over ramps and uneven surfaces.
  • AC motor is completely maintenance-free and there is no need to readjust the brakes.
  • Service check is only required after 1,000 operating hours.
  • All main components can easily be accessed from under the motor cover.
  • Cable harnesses and cables are clearly arranged.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • Robust cast steel bumper protects the spring-loaded operator platform and thus reduces collision damage.

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