N20 - N25 Series 1115 Electric Order Picker

Versatile order pickers


Efficient and safe order picking for a wide range of requirements

The N20-25 low-level order pickers from Linde Material Handling enable a highly efficient and safe order picking process thanks to their unique truck architecture. The battery is located between the operator platform and forks, the maximum fork length is 2,400mm and various types of loads up to 2.5 tonnes can be transported.

The position of the operator platform ensures an optimum view of the warehouse environment during the journey. Using the 3 kW AC motor, the order pickers can accelerate up to 14 km/h, depending on the truck type, to enable fast transport even over long distances. The intuitive Linde steering wheel allows the operator to manoeuvre forwards and backwards with ease. The small turning circle facilitates manoeuvring in narrow aisles. The fully spring-loaded operator platform compensates for vibrations and shocks, and ensures a low-load picking cycle.


  • Position of the operator platform in front of the battery allows the driver to observe their surroundings while operating, and to react to dangerous situations at an early stage.
  • LED lights and the optional Linde BlueSpot™ at the front of the truck provides additional safety in the warehouse by visually announcing the truck.
  • Three separate braking systems reduce the speed depending on the environment and load.
  • The electromagnetic service brake is coupled with a dead man’s switch and the emergency switch.
  • The hydraulically assisted braking system boosts braking power in proportion to the load weight.
  • When cornering, the forklift automatically regulates the speed in proportion to the angle of inclination of the steering wheel.
  • Robust steel bumper at the front of the order picker ensures improved protection of the forklift truck frame and operator platform.
  • Operator platform can be adapted to the operator’s needs with a low access height on both sides of the truck allowing the operator to get in and out quickly.
  • Steering wheel, backrest and seating support are available with a height-adjustable option, ensuring a comfortable and back-friendly operating position.
  • Entire operator platform is spring-loaded to compensate for vibrations and shocks while operating.
  • When reversing, an extra handle behind the backrest provides additional support.
  • All edges of the operator platform are rounded with optimum storage and compartments for equipment and personal items.
  • With the 3 kW AC motor, the maximum speed of up to 14 km/h is quickly reached so that even longer distances in the warehouse can be covered quickly.
  • Operator can use the steering wheel with just one hand and easily reach all operating controls including the horn.
  • Respective functions of the steering wheel are indicated by clear symbols.
  • Pedestrian mode allows the operator to comfortably move the truck forwards and backwards for small distances without having to re-enter the truck.
  • Electric wheel steering provides additional stability.
  • Lithium-ION battery option allows the operator to recharge their truck quickly.
  • Multifunction display permanently provides information about the current charge status of the order picker.
  • Initial lift function enables the transport of goods over ramps and uneven surfaces.
  • Up to 1,000 operating hours between service checks.
  • AC Motor is maintenance-free and there is no need for the brakes to be readjusted.
  • All service components can be reached after removing the engine cover and the service panel.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • Robust cast steel bumpers on the front protect the operator platform and reduce damage caused by collisions.

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