N20 D (HP) Series 1115 Electric Order Picker

Powerful double-deck order picker


Picking and transporting on two levels

The N20 D (HP) double-deck order pickers enable the simultaneous loading and transport of two pallets. The ergonomic lift allows the operator to also pick heavy goods at a height that is easy on the back. Two separate levels allow heavy and pressure-sensitive goods to be stowed and transported. The N20 D (HP) is also optimally balanced with five points of ground contact, and guarantees maximum stability even at speeds of up to 12 km/h. Plus with the operator platform being fully suspended, vibrations are heavily reduced.


  • All edges of the robust steel chassis are rounded.
  • Speed is automatically reduced when cornering.
  • At the front of the forklift truck there is a steel bumper which can optionally be supplemented by a rubber layer.
  • Operator always has a good view of the storage environment because the battery is located behind the operator platform
  • Optional front LED and the Linde BlueSpot™ provide visual notification of the truck.
  • Linde steering wheel protects the hands and centres itself when operating straight ahead. It only needs to be moved slightly to steer, and can also be operated with one hand.
  • When the load is lowered, the fork automatically stops 30cm above the ground, and the rest must be lowered from the operator platform. This prevents the operator from accidentally placing a foot under the fork.
  • Low-level order pickers have a low access height of only 13.7cm, which makes frequent entry and exit easier.
  • Wide u-shaped design facilitates access from both sides.
  • For very short distances, the operator conveniently controls the truck via pedestrian operation, from which the initial lift can also be operated.
  • When reversing or when the operator gets on, an additional handle on the backrest ensures optimum support.
  • Linde steering wheel and the backrest with fold-out seat are optionally height-adjustable.
  • Entire platform is spring-loaded to minimise vibrations and shocks.
  • 3 kW AC motor accelerates rapidly to a maximum speed of up to 12 km/h.
  • Ergonomic lift, allows the operators to fill two pallets simultaneously and transport pressure-sensitive goods separately.
  • Linde steering wheel enables intuitive execution of important operating functions and is easy to control for instance when operating straight, the self-centering steering system ensures shorter distances between two picking positions.
  • Initial lift function facilitates transport over ramps and bumps.
  • Multifunction display informs the operator of the current status of the forklift truck.
  • Optional Lithium-ION batteries are available for even more efficient charging — even during breaks.
  • Shelves and compartments ensure the operator always has their documents within easy reach from all positions.
  • AC motor is completely maintenance-free and there is no need to readjust the brakes.
  • Service check is only required after 1,000 operating hours.
  • All main components and can easily be accessed from under the service panel.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.

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