Linde V Series 5214 Electric Order Picker

Modular high-flyer order picker

Effortless order picking at any height

The powerful V modular vertical order picker, perfect for high-bay warehouse applications, offers an ergonomic workspace and intuitive operation. It features a cushioned cab, a low entry height and railing, and a triplex mast to minimise operator fatigue and simplify the picking process.

The Linde V order picker can achieve lifting of up to 14.5 metres, lifting capacities of up to 1.2 tonnes, and travel speeds of up to 13 km/hr, ensuring a high picking output. The V modular can be customised with options such as a walk-on pallet or order picking from a closed cabin. It can also be equipped with a triplex mast, either with free lift or without free lift, for fast lifting.


  • Truck can only be moved if the operator is touching the sensors on the control unit with both hands and activating the dead man's switch in the footwell.
  • Electrically monitored side barriers must be closed for safe working.
  • Emergency lowering valve under the rear cover is easily accessible even in narrow aisles and at greater heights.
  • The fitted Linde System Control assists in calculating residual load capacity to prevent overload.
  • Optional Red Warning Lines for better visibility in poorly lit aisles.
  • A specially designed mast allows for particularly good visibility thus contributing to safe operation.
  • Wide cabin with ergonomically shaped control panel.
  • Soft floor mat to absorb vibrations during movement or lifting to protect the operator.
  • Spaciously designed driver’s cabin for maximum freedom of movement and comfortable working.
  • Fixed base on the edge of the cab floor ensures operator safety during order picking.
  • Newly designed storage option on the mast side including preparation for USB connection, foil holder or waste bin.

High lifting and travel speeds, as well as low energy consumption, are just some of the great features available in this vertical order picker.

  • Truck quickly reaches lift heights of up to 14.5 metres, ultimately ensuring improved handling performance.
  • Top travel speed is up to 13 km/h for fast travel.
  • Triplex mast allows for higher lifting speeds.
  • High residual capacity for maximum goods handling at great heights.
  • Improved stability and manoeuvrability due to the redesigned chassis and load arms.
  • The maintenance-free electric motor allows for maximum vehicle availability at minimum cost.
  • Travel and lift motors of the vertical order pickers are encapsulated meaning they're completely protected from dust and dirt.
  • Central components are easy to access thanks to the service-friendly design.
  • CANbus connection makes for easy access to vehicle data via the diagnostic connector.
  • Lighting
  • Control Panel
  • Fixing Systems
  • Walk-On Pallet
  • Linde BlueSpot
  • Aisle Safety Assistant
  • FleetFOCUS
  • Linde Warehouse Navigation
  • Linde System Control
  • Tilting Barriers
  • Radio Preparation
  • Mirror Module

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