E16 Series 1275 (3 WHEEL) Electric Forklift

A compact powerpack


The E16 electric forklift delivers a powerful electric motor with intelligent control. The standard 180° battery door enabling quick vertical and lateral battery changes coupled with flexible battery change solutions reduces down time, and delivers an impressive, compact powerpack that’s sure to increase productivity. 


Outstanding stability and excellent traction achieved by a design that incorporates high-level engineering expertise and high-quality materials.

  • Advanced drive axle concept provides a superior driving experience by automatically varying the wheelbase. When the mast is tilted back for driving, the wheelbase extends giving greater stability and safety. When tilted forward for loading, the wheelbase is shortened, ideal for manoeuvrability in confined spaces.
  • Regenerative braking provides automatic speed control on gradients, meaning there’s minimal use of disc brakes and lower maintenance costs.
  • Linde Traction Control stops wheels from spinning — when one wheel is under slippery conditions (i.e. on ice or oil), power to that wheel is reduced whilst the gripping wheel continues to receive full power.
  • Large step in plate with anti slip design.
  • Linde Curve Assist regulates the cornering speed of the truck depending on the steering angle, and reduces the risk of truck tipping when cornering.
  • Superb visibility with the Linde Clear View Mast which offers best in class visibility as the location of components like cylinders, chains and hoses have been optimised to give the operator the best view of the load and travel path.

A consistently high level of efficiency and fatigue-free working for extended periods is only possible with ergonomic design.

  • Wide, cushioned and adjustable multifunction armrest with integrated hydraulic control levers can be configured to suit any operator’s needs, enabling effortless fingertip control of all mast functions.
  • Twin pedal layout provides the optimum interface between the truck and it´s operator.
  • Spacious compartment with comfortable footwell and adjustable seat.
  • Compact steering wheel enables comfortable, ergonomically optimised operations, combined with the hydraulic steering, which allows for ease of steering with only 4-5 turns to full lock.
  • Adjustable steering column.
  • Various storage compartments.
  • Precise control is provided by the perfect interplay between the twin-motor front drive and Linde Load Control. This allows all mast functions to be operated effortlessly with the slightest finger movement, and operators can lift and tilt at the same time.
  • Full load capacity up to the maximum lift height.
  • Exceptional residual capacity.
  • Dual pedal control enables fast direction changes as well as precise, relaxed and intuitive operation.
  • Moving front axle provides enhanced stability for distance travel.
  • Increased maneuverability in confined areas thanks to the patented high pivoting Linde steering axle.
  • Outstanding residual capacity.

European manufactured cutting edge drive and lift motors plus contact free hydraulic mini levers underline the premium standard of this electric truck.

  • Fully sealed aluminium component housings provide superb protection from dust and dirt ingress resulting in less need for cleaning.
  • Preventative maintenance service only needs to be carried out every1000 operating hours.
  • Hydraulic oil only needs to be changed every 3000 hours.
  • Cabin heating 

  • Lever configuration

  • Lighting 

  • Drive in racking

  • Cold store protection

  • Dual pedal configuration

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