E100-E180 Series 1471 Electric Forklift

The quiet athlete


Maximum lifting power with minimal environmental impact

The E100-E180 series of heavy trucks are the most powerful in their class lifting loads of up to 18 tonnes to heights of up to 10 metres. They combine the power of a traditional IC truck with the environmentally friendly, quiet, dynamic driving style of electric forklift trucks – giving you the best of both worlds.

These electric forklifts draw their energy from either two lead-acid or two lithium-ion batteries which can be changed quickly, reducing any downtime.

Designed to provide the best visibility in all directions, the rear view is unobstructed and the glass doors ensure an unrestricted view, preventing collisions and accidents

Drivers and nearby workers also benefit from a healthy working environment thanks to the almost silent engine and emission-free drive technology.


  • Unobstructed view in all directions thanks to a design incorporating glass doors and an armoured glass roof.
  • Batteries integrated into the chassis shift the centre of gravity of the truck downwards.
  • An ergonomic workstation reduces the physical strain on the driver.
  • Low noise emission reduces hearing strain for workers.
  • Millimetre drive precision gives a more comfortable driving experience.
  • Emission-free drive technology contributes to a healthier working environment.
  • Choice of lead-acid or Lithium-ION battery to suit application needs.
  • Battery technologies can be changed in future if usage needs change.
  • The electric motors provide exceptionally dynamic acceleration, which contributes to outstanding handling performance.
  • The excellent all-round visibility enables precise handling of large and heavy loads.
  • The tilting cab makes all technical components easily accessible, simplifying repairs to reduce downtime.
  • Battery replacements take minutes for 24/7 usage.
  • Use of standard components simplifies repairs.

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