D12 S/SF Series 1164 Electric Pallet Stacker

Narrow double-loader


Transport two pallets in the tightest spaces

The D12 S/SF pallet stackers have a chassis that is narrower than a pallet: So these trucks can transport two pallets at a time, and manoeuvre within the tightest spaces. In addition, the operator has a high stance and thus a free view of the fork tips. This makes load handling easier. The operator platform is decoupled from the chassis which protects the body from strong vibrations. The operator can concentrate on the task in hand without getting fatigued.

Linde offers the D12 pallet stacker in two standard versions. In the S model, the operator is standing at a right angle to the direction of travel and has a good view to the front and back. In the SF model, the operator is standing facing the direction of travel and always has the load in view. Both models have mast variations for various load heights. The pallet trucks have a lifting capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes.


  • During travel the operator is always within the protective contour of the truck.
  • Compact chassis gives the operator a good view of the fork tips and can avoid any obstacles early.
  • If the operator takes their foot off the pedal, the electromagnetic system will react in varying strengths depending on the load and softly stop the truck.
  • There’s a dead man switch for dangerous situations which brakes the truck when the switch is no longer pressed.
  • Curve assist system helps the pallet stacker automatically adjust its speed when cornering.
  • Platform is separated from the chassis thus minimising any impacts and shocks to the operator.
  • Back rest in the S model gives the operator a comfortable posture during travel.
  • S model has an ergonomically shaped control unit, which the operator can adjust in height.
  • Lift functions, traction and horn can be easily operated with one hand.
  • Both models have deep and wide storage compartments so important working tools are always at hand.
  • The D12 S/SF pallet stackers can transport two pallets at a time; with weights up to 1.2 tonnes.
  • The truck can reach a maximum speed of 10 km/h with its 3 kW AC motor.
  • Tight turning radius ensures that difficult manoeuvres can be executed quickly and easily.
  • Eco-Mode helps it to keep going at the end of a shift after intensive use. If it is activated, the truck consumes 12% less energy.
  • Operator can adjust the pallet stacker precisely to the current handling task. For example, standard and duplex masts are available with loading heights between 1,574mm and 2,124mm.
  • Optional load backrest stabilises the load during travel.
  • Dust protected AC motor is completely maintenance-free.
  • Robust construction ensures that the truck will remain in good condition even after hard use, and needs only rare servicing.
  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • All relevant components are easily accessible.

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