C-Matic 06/10 Robotic Turtle Mover

The first step in automating your application

An automated transporter

The autonomously controlled C-Matic has a capacity of 600kg-1 tonne. It features a durable solid aluminum casting structure and all in one construction design. The suspended chassis improves the traction and drive force, providing the robot with stability and consistent productivity.


  • 360 degree all round safety protection.
  • Laser scanner for front safety detection.
  • Front and rear emergency stop buttons provide a secondary level of safety.
  • The robot prioritises forward travel however reverse travel can be achieved should the application environment meet certain safety criteria.
  • Accurate and reliable laser reflector navigation system.
  • High precision inertial measurement unit (IMU) module.
  • The drive unit can achieve a maximum forward travel speed of 1.5m/s.
  • The independent lifting and steering can move simultaneously, reducing waiting time and improving efficiency.
  • The dual wheels differential drive can achieve point rotating, curve turning and U shape turning.
  • The load can stay static during turning with help from the steering unit, this greatly reduces turning radius and aisle width, minimising infrastructure changes.
  • User interface includes indicator lights, switch operation, touch screen, app remote control, vehicle status/alarm indicator, real-time task management, basic parameter setting and fault diagnosis.
  • The C-MATIC supports multiple communication protocol interfaces.
  • Dynamic path planning helps the C-MATIC avoid traffic jams caused by hot spots or disabled AMRs.
  • An efficient design incorporates a differential drive, electrical linkage lifting, point rotation steering and a suspended chassis.
  • The AGV housing is easy to disassemble.
  • The component layout is maintenance friendly.
  • The modular electrical system is simple to troubleshoot and repair.
  • The robot charges automatically.
  • Front and rear mechanical bumpers

  • Fast battery swapping

  • Manual battery charge

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