A Series 5224 Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Narrow pace setter

High throughput in narrow aisles

The turret truck A series from Linde Material Handling delivers a high throughput rate in particular narrow aisles. This is achieved by a modern operation that, even at mast raised lift heights, can achieve high-speed lifting and operating. In addition, the forklift truck can accelerate and lift at the same time.

Just as beneficial are the large residual load capacity and various camera and assistance systems. These assist with things such as navigation in the warehouse, accident prevention or rapid handling at great heights. The very narrow aisle turret truck A series is of modular construction. Customers can choose from different engines, batteries, lift masts, chassis and many other features to meet their individual operating requirements.


  • Side seated operation gives the operator optimum visibility when operating forwards and reversing.
  • Fork camera option and crossline laser gives the operator improved visibility of the load at great heights making it easier to handle loads at higher rack levels and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • The Dynamic Reach Control (DRC) option intelligently adjusts the reach according to the current load weight, and eliminates lateral mast oscillations when storing and retrieving loads. These functions increase safety and handling performance.
  • The service technician can program operating, lifting and lowering end stops helping to prevent accidental lifting or lowering of the load during operation.
  • The aisle safety assistant, which is available as an option, uses RFID tags or barcodes to determine its horizontal position in the aisle, and then reacts to uneven floors or obstacles on the rack or ceiling, and adjusts the lift height and speed accordingly.
  • Personnel safety equipment (PSE), which is also available as an option, uses sensors installed on the front and rear to determine whether persons or objects are in the line of travel and stop the truck.
  • The operator operates the lift axis easily with an ergonomically shaped, multifunction joystick.
  • The large cab, highly adjustable seat, and intuitive control element arrangement guarantee a high level of operating comfort.
  • Side seated operation gives the operator optimum visibility in all directions and prevents strenuous body movements.
  • Soft, non-slip floor mat and an air cushioned seat option reduce the shocks and vibrations that are transmitted to the operator.
  • Colour display shows all of the information at a glance.
  • Even at extreme lift heights, the turret truck can achieve high speeds thanks to its drive technology.
  • Several assistance and camera systems are used for handling at great heights, for example the automated fork cycle. At the push of a button, the truck autonomously performs three movements when storing or retrieving a pallet.
  • Combination of the fork camera and the crossline laser options, available as an option, is a great help to the operator: The laser helps to pick up the pallet precisely and the fork camera provides optimal visibility of the load when storing in high racking levels, ensuring higher handling performance.
  • The forklift truck can be incorporated into an optionally available warehouse navigation system, enabling the truck to automatically reach the desired pallet location, using the fastest and most efficient route. This system runs with RFID technology or barcodes and depending on the requirements, the forklift truck can be equipped with swivel reach forks or telescopic forks.

Overall, the A series turret trucks are robust and durable technology achieves reduced service and lifecycle costs.

  • CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician making the service process easier.
  • Battery replacement is achieved quickly, using a change trolley.

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