H35 - H50 Series 1204 Engine Forklift

The all-around robust and reliable forklift


Powerful and Versatile in all applications

Designed for maximum handling performance, the H35-H50 IC trucks can lift loads ranging from 3.5 to 5.0 Tonnes. The truck’s hydrostatic drive paired with its tough industrial engine ensure a powerful and precise drive performance in a wide range of driving and work situations, from uneven terrain to extreme temperatures.

Built for intense, continuous operation and the harshest outdoor operating conditions, the H35-H50 trucks use maintenance-free components to ensure you spend more time working, and less time getting the forklift serviced.

The forklift’s dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control ensure exceptional comfort and efficient operation. Its slim mast profiles, narrow A-pillar, spacious and bright cabin, as well as the lowered front plate also provide outstanding all-round visibility to ensure safe operation and prevent fatigue.


  • Spacious cabin and lowered front plate provide excellent all-around visibility.
  • Linde Curve Assist reduces speed when cornering and Linde Load Assist reduces risk of tipping and loading accidents.
  • Optional light and warning solutions and an optional reinforced glass roof add further safety.
  • Separated driver’s workspace reduces vibrations.
  • Steering wheel, dual pedals, and joysticks integrated into the armrest.
  • Seating options and features including air suspension, lumbar support, seat heating and ventilation.
  • 3.5-inch display gives the operator a quick overview of important information.
  • Hydrostatic Drive and industrial engine provides precise power.
  • Dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control joysticks enable fast and precise control.
  • Mast profiles and overhead tilt cylinders ensure stability lifting bigger loads to greater heights.
  • Robust truck construction with maintenance-free components.
  • Maintenance-free parts and easily accessible components makes servicing easier, reducing the amount of downtime.
  • Linde Engine Protection System monitors important engine functions.

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