E60-E80 Series 1279 Electric Forklift

The electric powerhouse


Electric power for heavy loads

The powerful E60–E80 electric forklift models from Linde are designed for efficient and safe handling of heavy loads of up to 8.0 tonnes. 

The forklifts are driven by two powerful AC motors integrated into the compact axle with maintenance-free brakes. 

The electronic vehicle control as well as the precisely operable control elements such as the Linde Load Control and the dual pedal control ensure the perfect interaction between man and machine. 

Linde's energy management system also contributes to the high cost-effectiveness of these large electric forklifts.


Safety is paramount when dealing with loads weighing up to 8.0 tonnes.

  • The protective roof combined with the cab's frame forms a large protective zone for the operator.
  • An encapsulated lift mast profile allows for good visibility while handling heavy loads.
  • The automatic parking brake guarantees the ultimate in safety, even while working on ramps.
  • Electronic traction control, redundant control circuits and high residual load capacities all contribute to ensuring maximum reliability and operational safety. Optional safety systems are available.

Efficient, fatigue-free working with a forklift truck at the highest performance level requires a high degree of operating comfort.

  • Dual pedal control enables fast direction changes as well as precise, relaxed and intuitive operation.
  • Mast movements are sensitively carried out with the fingers moving the control levers of the Linde Load Control integrated into the armrest.
  • The seat and armrest unit is adjustable in multiple ways.
  • The mast and axle are decoupled from the drive axle and operator's compartment by rubber bearings, so that shocks and vibrations are not transmitted to the operator.

The effective handling of heavy loads with the electric forklift trucks E60–E80 is guaranteed because of the perfect interaction between the powerful drive components and the operating concept.

  • Linde Load Control and the dual pedals ensure the precise and fast control of all vehicle and lift mast movements.
  • Compact axle with two powerful, integrated AC motors.
  • Maintenance-free brakes and power units mounted directly on the axle.
  • Linde Curve Assist helps with cornering with the system automatically adjusting the driving speed, depending on the steering angle.
  • Performance characteristics of the truck can be adapted to the specific application requirements via three-stage adjustable driving dynamics.
  • Entire drive axle including the AC motor, reduction gear, and oil bath disk brakes as well as the mast and tilt cylinders are entirely maintenance-free.
  • Preventative maintenance only needs to be carried out after 1000 operating hours.
  • Hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 operating hours.
  • The trucks are designed to ensure uninterrupted use with easily accessible service parts.

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