E40-E50 Series 1287 Electric Forklift

The only power tool you need

The all too powerful forklift you’ve been looking for

Discover power and comfort with the E40-E50 Series 1287 engine forklift. Their compact design and agility ensure high handling capacities even in tight spaces.

These electric forklifts draw their energy from lead-acid batteries which can be changed quickly, reducing any downtime. With lifting capacities ranging from 4.0 to 5.0 tonnes for efficient and safe handling, these powerful electric forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use across various applications.


  • The optimised overhead guard design connects with the cabin frame to form a closed, robust protective cell.
  • Slim, nested mast profiles improve visibility of the load and working environment.
  • Auto parking system allows for safer operation and reduced driver fatigue.
  • Optional safety systems available.

The E40–E50 models are arranged ergonomically and intuitively around the operator ensuring they control all vehicle functions without unnecessary, straining movements.

  • Fully protected and easy to access operator compartment.
  • Operator-friendly interface.
  • Ergonomic steering wheel reduces stress on the driver’s shoulder and reduces driver fatigue.
  • The central control lever enables simultaneous mast lifting, lowering and tilting.
  • Comfortable suspension seat with ergonomically armrest design and fingertip control handle.

The perfect interplay between powerful drive components and a precise control system ensures high productivity for the E40–E50 series.

  • Linde Load Control allows for precise and effortless central control of all mast functions, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.
  • The twin pedal system removes the need to change shift gears and allows for seamless, rapid reversing.
  • The Linde digital controller has three power settings to meet different work conditions, allowing for accurate control and low energy consumption.
  • Preventative maintenance service is only required every 1000 hours.
  • Hydraulic oil only needs to be changed every 6000 hours.
  • Single drive pedal
  • Integrated side shift carriage
  • Adjustable fork lengths
  • Internal rear-view mirror
  • Additional hydraulic circuits for attachments
  • Flashing beacon
  • Rotating beacon

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