E35-E50 HL Series 388 Electric Forklift

The versatile load carrier


Maximum performance for a wide range of applications

The E35–E50 series offers powerful electric forklifts with a load capacity of 3.5 - 5.0 tonnes plus a comprehensive range of construction and equipment variants in order to best meet a wide variety of application requirements. These include compact models for confined spaces as well as trucks with long wheelbases for bulky loads.

Two powerful AC motors built into the compact front axle, together with control elements designed for precision and intuitive operation, ensure high handling performance. 

The operator is able to control the driving direction and acceleration with dual pedals, as well as the lifting functions with the Linde Load Control joysticks, integrated into the armrest,  without unnecessary physical strain. 

Top-mounted tilt cylinders and electronic traction control ensure safe load handling. The optional on-board charger offers additional flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


  • The Linde Protector Frame connects the overhead guard with the cabin frame to form a closed, robust protective cell.
  • Safe load handling is supported by redundant control circuits, electronic traction control and overhead tilt cylinders which stabilise the mast and ensure high residual capacity.
  • Slim, nested mast profiles improve visibility of the load and working environment.
  • Optional safety systems available.

The E35–E50 models are arranged ergonomically and intuitively around the operator ensuring they control all vehicle functions without unnecessary, straining movements.

  • The Linde Load Control operating levers for controlling the mast functions are integrated into the multi-adjustable seat and armrest unit.
  • Dual pedal control enables fast direction changes as well as precise, relaxed and intuitive operation.
  • Rubber mounts decouple the mast and drive axle from the chassis and the operator's compartment so that vibrations and shocks are not transmitted to the operator.

The perfect interplay between powerful drive components and a precise control system ensures high productivity for the E35–E50 series.

  • The two dust and splash-proof AC motors with maintenance-free brakes are integrated into the Linde compact axle, while the power units are mounted directly onto the axle.
  • Linde Load Control for the lift mast functions enables pinpoint accuracy and manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces, allowing loads to be handled precisely and safely.
  • Driving dynamics can be adjusted in three stages, enabling performance to be adapted to the operating situation.
  • Central truck parts, such as the entire drive axle and the AC motor for the lifting hydraulics, are maintenance-free.
  • Preventative maintenance service is only required every 1000 hours.
  • Hydraulic oil only needs to be changed every 6000 hours.
  • Using a special diagnostics system, the truck can be quickly adapted to the individual requirements of various handling characteristics.

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