KBE 20-25 Series 6091 Electric Forklift

Tough and energy efficient

A budget electric forklift suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The Baoli KBE series is a tough, energy efficient electric counterbalance forklift truck featuring low maintenance requirements and the optimum balance of energy consumption. Manufactured in a state-of-the art facility, it is built to deliver long-term reliability and performance. The Baoli KBE series are designed to have low operating costs, and are suitable for intense indoor and outdoor use.


Outstanding stability and excellent traction achieved by a design that incorporates high-level engineering expertise and high-quality materials.

  • Large step in plate with anti slip design.
  • Curve Assist regulates the cornering speed of the truck depending on the steering angle, and reduces the risk of truck tipping when cornering.
  • Superb visibility with Clear View Mast which offers best in class visibility as location of components like cylinders, chains and hoses have been optimised to give the operator the best view of the load and travel path.

A consistently high level of efficiency and fatigue-free working for extended periods is only possible with ergonomic design.

  • Cab is supported on hydraulic damping mounts isolated from vibration, noise and shock, allowing for a high level of working comfort.
  • Spacious compartment with comfortable footwell and adjustable seat.
  • Compact steering wheel enables comfortable, ergonomically optimised operations, combined with the hydraulic steering, allows for ease of steering with only 4-5 turns to full lock.
  • Adjustable steering column.
  • Various storage compartments.
  • The smart design ensures safe, performance handling at all times.
  • European manufactured cutting edge drive and lift motors underline the premium standard of this electric truck.
  • Powerful twin AC motor traction system with maintenance free AC motors contains no carbon brushes, and has an enclosed axle with no need for a cooling fan thanks to heat dissipation by cooling fins on the axle casing.
  • Fully sealed aluminium component housings provide superb protection from dust and dirt ingress resulting in less need for cleaning.
  • Lighting 

  • Tyre

  • Attachments 

  • Camera

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