P-Matic Series 1190 Automated Truck

Powerful robotic tow tractor


Versatile load transport in all areas of operation

The autonomous Linde P-MATIC electric tow tractor with operator platform is designed for load transfers in work areas with restricted space. It can move towing loads of between 3-5 tonnes.

Typical uses in warehouses and industrial businesses include the delivery of production materials, disposal of waste products, and hauling of larger loads. The tow tractors, whether as individual vehicles or part of an autonomous fleet, thereby form an integral link in the supply chain – from production to the delivery area. The versatile and robust vehicles have powerful, maintenance-free drive motors with high torque.


  • The intelligent safety system helps collect data about its working environment optically and adaptively reacts.
  • Laser detectors and a 3D camera allows the system to reliably recognise moving and stationary obstacles and adjusts its speed accordingly, or remains stationary, until the person, truck or other obstacle is removed or leaves its monitoring zone.
  • Two emergency buttons, warning sounds and flashing lights.
  • Navigational system used does not require any additional laser reflectors or tracks on the floor, therefore making it flexible and scalable.
  • Can be easily adapted to on-site operating conditions.
  • Easy to achieve communication with automated facilities, such as doors and roller conveyors, as well as to integrate the vehicle with warehouse management or ERP systems via the control software.
  • Able to quickly switch between automatic and manual operation.
  • All vehicle data can be read on a service laptop and analysed there with software tools.
  • Vehicle can be monitored and regulated remotely via a computer-controlled diagnostic function.
  • All electronic service components are easily accessible.
  • Powered by Linde’s own maintenance-free AC motor, which ensures minimal maintenance downtime.

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