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Series 1120 R14G-R20G Electric Reach Trucks

  • Ideal for storage
  • 1.4 - 2.0 tonnes capacity
  • Electric Motor
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Linde Series 1120 R14G-R20G Electric Reach Trucks

features features

The Linde Series 1120, R14-R20G Electric Reach Trucks offer outstanding comfort and functionality. The unique, resiliently mounted work station with an air suspension comfort seat  is fully adjustable to the operator‘s personal preferences including an integral, adjustable control console incorporating all operating controls. Linde Load Control offers precise, effortless fingertip control of all mast movements. The High Vision, armoured glass, overhead guard top panel is available as an option and is standard with the ambient cabin. The chassis has been designed and built for maximum strength and durability. It’s heavy-duty design and components enhance the inherent low centre of gravity for optimum stability and high residual capacities, while Linde Curve Assist provides safe cornering.

Linde series1120 r14-r20g electric reach truck forklift controls

Linde series1120 r14-r20g electric reach truck forklift-Wheels-tyres-suspension

Linde series1120 r14-r20g electric reach truck forklift Motor

  • Short wheelbase with compact chassis dimensions
  • Smooth, electric rheological steering
  • Easy, efficient manoeuvring and accurate straightline travel performance
  • Adjustable steering torque to suit operator‘s personal preferences
  • Excellent all-round visibility of the load and surrounding environment
  • Torsion-resistant tilting clear view standard and triplex masts
  • Twin cylinder configuration for optimum visibility (STD)
  • Center free lift cylinder (TX)
  • Hydraulic hoses reeved through mast to enhance visibility
  • Seamless and effortless forward/reverse selection
  • Outstanding traction control and minimal demands on operator
  • Left foot safely protected within the chassis contours
  • Confident, seamless manouevring with unique Linde twin accelerator pedals
  • High precision load handling with Linde Load Control
  • Highly responsive and progressive electric rheological steering
  • Digital instrument display for instant readout of truck status
  • Integral, adjustable operator´s control console
  • Large diameter for operation on uneven ground
  • Unique Linde drive unit suspension to absorb vibration and road shocks
  • Sealed, maintenance-free AC traction, lift and steer motors
  • Configurable Linde Digital Control system (LDC)
  • Up to 1000 operating hours between services

performance performance

Powerful AC traction and lift motors combine with the renowned Linde intelligent controller to deliver seamless, energy efficient performance for optimum productivity. Clear view tilting masts provide smooth, highly efficient storage and retrieval cycles.

Linde series1120 r14-r20g electric reach truck forklift Tynes
Linde series1120 r14-r20g electric reach truck forklift Mast Height

safety safety

Designed for optimum operator comfort and safety, the Linde SE-tyred ‘G’ reach truck range offers a versatile dual-purpose role in both internal and external applications. The unique Linde drive unit suspension and large tyres enable it to operate effectively outside on uneven surfaces, loading and unloading road vehicles, for example; as well as storing and retrieving loads in narrow aisle warehouses.

ergonomics ergonomics

A world first sees the operator‘s work station resiliently mounted to the base chassis isolating the operator from shocks and vibrations. An ergonomic, fully adjustable air suspension seat and integral control console housing the fingertip joystick hydraulic levers together with a compact steering wheel gives unsurpassed levels of operator comfort. The unique Linde rheological electric steering system enables effortless operation and assured maneuvering and travelling.

productivity productivity

The outstanding Linde ´G´ – range of reach trucks is designed to deliver consistently high productivity by ensuring the optimum intuitive working interface between the operator and the truck. This interface combines with the unique Linde design and performance features to deliver the lowest cost per pallet handled.

reliability reliability

Durability and reliability are key elements in delivering cost effective supply chain solutions. Linde reach trucks benefit from the experience of over 60 years working in intensive industrial and commercial applications. All key components are designed and manufactured in-house to meet these objectives.

Pricing Pricing

Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Australia has everything you need - all under the one roof.

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Linde Series 1120 R14G-R20G Electric Reach Trucks

Linde Series 1120 R14G-R20G Electric Reach Trucks

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