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Baoli Series KBD/KBG 18-20 Engine Forklifts

  • 1.8 - 2.0 tonnes capacity
  • Diesel or LPG Engine
  • Ideal for Stacking
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Linde Baoli Series KBD/KBG 18-20 Engine Forklifts

features features

All Baoli forklifts are well suited for outside applications as well as for work under cover. Baoli Series internal combustion 1.8 and 2.0 tonne forklifts can function at full capacity in wet or damp weather and have ample ground clearance for working on pavement or unpaved surfaces.  Their engines produce strong driveline torque at low RPM and easily handle the addition and use of any necessary hydraulic attachments.

Looking for a budget forklift or an entry-level forklift truck that won’t break the bank?
The 1.8-2.0T forklift truck is an entry-level forklift option that includes:

  • Internal combustion counterbalanced forklift
  • Gas, LPG, diesel forklifts
  • Pallet lifter with integrated electrical elements
  • Low step height and integrated foot well
  • Integral hood, effective in heat insulation and noise reduction
  • Energy efficient hydraulic system

safety safety

Practical and effective safety features are part and parcel of Baoli design. On Baoli Series forklifts they include a strong steel overhead guard incorporating a shock-resistant clear polycarbonate cover. Other safety features include a rear operator grip handle with integrated horn button for safe reversing, a down-curved counterweight to improve rear vision and hydraulic cylinder mast buffering to enable smooth lowering of loads.

ergonomics ergonomics

The operation platform of the Baoli Series range is fully protected and includes an operator-friendly interface enhanced by an adjustable steering column, and ergonomic releasing switch for foot-parking and an electronic directional switch to improve operation efficiency. Additional ergonomic features to assist the operator include a suspension seat and access and egress from left and right hand side.

productivity productivity

All Baoli diesel and dual-fuel forklift trucks have operator friendly designs and comprehensive equipment levels to give operators all the tools they need to remain highly productive.

reliability reliability

Baoli forklifts are engineered to deliver high levels of reliability, with features such as  an integrated control box to boost the reliability of the electrical system and simplify fault diagnosis. Fourrubber dampers between cabin and chassis minimise vibration to enhance component durability.

Pricing Pricing

Whether you’re after a brand new forklift, a certified pre-owned used forklift or short-term and long-term forklift hire, Linde Material Handling Australia has everything you need - all under the one roof.

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Linde Baoli Series KBD/KBG 18-20 Engine Forklifts

Linde Baoli Series KBD/KBG 18-20 Engine Forklifts

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