Linde Material Handling is set to introduce new models to the market from its 2 to 5-tonne diesel and LPG counterbalanced trucks series in early 2013. The new engine-powered trucks from Linde are cleaner, safer and more economical.

This will happen at the same time as Stage 3b of the European emissions directive (2004/26/EC) for vehicles in the 37 to 56-kW power range comes into force. And in this power range the new models also comply to the emission legislation US-EPA TIER 4 final (40 CFR 89, 40 CFR 1039, 40 CFR 1068) which comes into force from 2013 on. The “EVO” part of the new trucks’ names means that operators can expect state-of-the-art engine technology and increased energy efficiency, as well as improved ergonomics and safety for the driver.

The new trucks will be unveiled to the public for the first time at LogiMAT 2013 trade fair from 19 to 21 February in Stuttgart, Germany. The Linde H25 to H50 EVO models with 2.5 to 5-tonne lifting capacity are the cleanest Linde diesel trucks ever, thanks to their four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine with 2000-cm3 displacement and particulate filter fitted as standard: On average, they are 69% below the legal emission limits. The 44kW engine in the Linde H25 to H35D EVO models achieves a maximum torque of 200 Nm at just 1750 RPM. At the same speed, the 55kW engine in the Linde H40 to H50D EVO models achieves a maximum torque of 240Nm. The diesel particulate filter is regenerated automatically without any additional downtime and regardless of the truck’s location, meaning the truck can be used in enclosed areas.

Economical level of energy consumption

Yet the engines of the diesel trucks are not the only new feature. All of the latest Linde H20 to H50 EVO diesel and LPG trucks are fitted with a variable displacement axial pump in the lifting hydraulics that pumps oil as required. The pump is intentionally oversized to ensure it achieves maximum lifting speeds even at low drive motor speeds. That means the new trucks reduce emissions and save up to 28% fuel even at a high power output. The trucks are also noticeably quieter. And with less hydraulic oil wasted and lower circulation losses, the Linde H20 to H50 EVO trucks are not only more cost-effective, they are also better for the environment. The electric fan makes the trucks even more energy-efficient. It controls the required fan speed and individually adapts the temperature of the hydraulic oil, cooling water and charge air to the specified values, making it significantly more economical.

Safety for people and machinery

The new models from Linde are the world’s first diesel trucks to feature cornering speed adaptation as standard. “Curve Assist” automatically reduces the speed of the truck on corners in accordance with the steering angle, thereby providing additional protection for the driver. Electronic engine protection comes as standard and protects the engine from damage by monitoring whether key truck parameters are exceeded or undershot. If they are, then an error message is shown on the display and — if further escalation is required — the power is reduced. The parameters monitored include the engine oil level and pressure, the cooling water level and temperature, and the hydraulic oil temperature.

Improved driver ergonomics

The new generation of seats makes the driver’s workspace even more comfortable. They feature easy-to-use weight adjustment settings, optimised pressure distribution in the cushions, improved vibration behaviour and a choice of mechanical suspension or air suspension. And if there are particular requirements at a workplace, the “Super Comfort Active” seat offers optional automatic weight adjustment and active seat climate control. Another benefit is the re-designed armrest with Linde Load Control. The driver can easily adjust the armrest to their body size using the single-point adjustment. The armrest also features a practical compartment for wallets, keys or mobile phones. There are two further additions that make life easier for the driver: a handle on the A-column for greater safety when getting in and out of the truck, and an optional clipboard with LED lighting.