Acquisition of Dematic by the Linde parent KION Group in November 2016 marked a pivotal moment in Linde’s history according to Nino Pala. “It provided a unique opportunity for us to expand our leadership of the supply chain industry,” he said. 

“Our parent company is pioneering a new kind of company which will partner with our customers to deliver even more flexible and tailored supply chain solutions from forklifts to fully automated material handling solutions, to keep their businesses moving.”

As a result of the Dematic acquisition the KION Group has reorganised its operating units along geographic lines which aligns the Australian business as part of the Asia Pacific Operating Unit. That organisation has over 500 sales and service locations with major operations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

We have the innovative solutions and global reach to shape the future of the supply chain.


Linde is confident it now provides the most comprehensive supply chain solutions in the local market, representing the only material handling equipment company in the world to offer customers everything in the warehouse and factory. 

“We are well-positioned to help local businesses succeed in a marketplace moving toward increased digitalisation,” Nino Pala said. With the KION Group’s addition of Dematic, we have the innovative solutions and global reach to shape the future of the supply chain in a way no other company can.”


To match words with actions, Linde has recently undergone internal changes to allow it to better anticipate and respond to changing customer priorities. 

“We have restructured our operations to place more of a focus on local leadership and accountability, in order to improve the speed of decision making and execution,” Nino Pala explained. 

He also revealed, perhaps even more significantly, that Linde has fundamentally changed the way it regards and positions every product in its range. 

“Customers are increasingly seeking very specific offerings that match their material handling equipment requirements,” he said. “Linde Australia now meets that challenge by offering clear choices for our customers rather than attempting to apply a one product fits all approach. 

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