Additions to the Linde dealer network highlight the calibre of support available to Linde customers throughout Australia. New Albury, Wodonga and surrounding regions dealer, Joss Total Warehouse Solutions (JTWS), typifies the high benchmark established for Linde sales and support.

JTWS brings a new perspective to understanding customers’ needs, as its existing operations extend to providing specialist warehousing services. These include third party storage and warehousing, as well as Linde forklift and materials handling solutions and accredited training in warehousing and forklift operations.

“The Linde product range has a reputation for quality and reliability,” Joss Total Warehouse Solutions General Manager, Simon Jacobs said. “Through our company’s 3PL warehousing operations JTWS has tried many previous suppliers of materials handling equipment. One of our previous warehouses was turning over 300,000 pallets a year and our biggest issue was materials handling equipment falling apart due to heavy usage. One equipment supplier even quit the site as the breakdowns were costing them too much money. When JTWS was faced with these issues of reliability we spoke with Linde who provided us with the right equipment and the breakdowns pretty much disappeared. That played a key role in our decision to become a Linde dealer.”


Joss Total Warehouse Solutions’ new dealership building is a 3PL warehouse/training facility and dealership headquarters for Linde Material Handling. The 3,000 square metre building gives the dealership the ability to perform welding, fabrication and spray painting as well as providing ample administration and spare parts stock holding.

“We’ll service Northern Victoria and Southern NSW,” Simon Jacobs said. “We have a strong growth forecast for the years ahead and we’ll expand our staff numbers, particularly on the service side, to provide the support which Linde customers expect. This area has large potential due to its industries which include Australia’s biggest bottled water plant – already a user of Linde Material Handling Equipment. We’ll also serve the Griffith, Rutherglen, King Valley Wine areas, as well as manufacturers of cereal, newsprint, dairy, cheese, pet food and automotive gear boxes.

“Despite those large enterprises we also know that the major part of this market is the smaller end user and we intend to provide them all with service of a very high standard. Linde clients in the Albury Wodonga region have already responded enthusiastically to the appointment of a local dealer. When you combine the strengths of Linde and Joss Total Warehouse Solutions this will be a major boost for material handling equipment users in the region.”

“Linde presents a very professional image to the market with staff who have a very in-depth knowledge of materials handling equipment. As a company JTWS has always heard nothing but praise for Linde service technicians and the way they work with clients. Now, as a Linde dealer we’ll be able to provide a full range of warehouse industry solutions. Our business is considered a one stop shop for everything warehouse. JTWS can provide materials handling solutions, nationally accredited warehouse training in the form of Certificate II / III and IV in Warehousing Operations and Diploma of Logistics. We also provide national forklift licensing and forklift refresher courses and our Warehouse Training Certificates are focused on the use of warehouse management systems, which are very operator job specific.”

The major part of this market is the smaller end user and we intend to provide them all with service of a very high standard

JTWS staff are very experienced in all parts of the warehousing industry with the majority of staff working in the industry in one form or another. They are uniquely placed to understand Linde customer needs. Some staff have backgrounds in warehouse training, warehouse management, materials handling or general warehouse operation. JTWS staff members have worked in all parts of the world from Ireland, South Africa, England and certain parts of Asia.

Linde will continue to add high quality strategically located dealers to its national network, as part of its commitment to provide sales and after sales resources which are standard setters for the local industry.