The relationship with Linde has been a success.

Linde was able to use STRATOS to illustrate how the same outcomes could be achieved using just 17,000 square metres, without any compromises and with a saving approaching $1 million on lease costs over ten years. Linde was able to provide a conceptual layout as the basis for further discussions just three days after gaining access to the Winning Group data.

“This was a project two years in the planning,” Alan Lewis, Chief Logistics Officer for Winning Appliances said. “We wanted to understand how the new warehouse could look, how that layout would work and what types of material handling equipment we should get. That’s where Linde’s STRATOS software program with its simulations really helped. It allows you to see, if you like, a day in the life of the operation you are specifying.

“STRATOS not only gives you some very clear answers to specific questions, but also presents them in an easily understood manner, even for people whose specialty is not logistics.”

“Linde’s STRATOS response calculated how many new machines we would need and what that would cost as well as what we could achieve with it. That tool was very useful in helping us to understand what our needs would be in year one, right through to year five.

“The relationship with Linde has been a success, not just because of the STRATOS software, but because from the outset they took the time to fully understand who we were, how we operate and where we wanted to progress in the future."

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