National company the WoodTech Group spends little time using forklifts, but when it does the equipment has to perform. WoodTech is Australia’s leading supplier of machinery for the woodworking, cabinetry and stone industries and represents quality production machinery from respected leading machine manufacturing companies throughout the world. With branches in four states the growth of the Sydney market late last year forced a move to new, larger premises in Wetherill Park.

“With the business growth and the move to new Sydney premises we realised that our operations would need a larger forklift than we had previously used,” WoodTech director, Scott Hickey said. “In general terms we needed a five tonne lifting capacity forklift fitted with long tines. Typically we might only use the forklift for one to two hours per week at a maximum. I wanted something reliable and presentable, but I wasn’t going to outlay up to $80,000 on a new forklift for that role.” Woodtech checked out several potential sources for its used forklift needs before settling on a Linde Pre-owned truck.

Linde’s used forklift range was very good and they had a compact five tonner available which not everyone can provide

“We had never dealt with Linde before, but there are a lot of companies in the woodworking industry and related fields which deal with Linde and the reports were all good. Linde made the whole process very easy. I knew that we were going to receive a used forklift which had undergone a complete factory refurbishment, but I hadn’t realised that also included a new paint job. It was delivered to us looking like a brand new forklift. That was a bonus because presentation is important in what is really our showroom. I’ve been impressed by all my dealings with Linde leading up to the purchase and afterwards as well. Because the maintenance intervals are longer with Linde forklifts I anticipate we’ll pay less on maintenance over the working life of the forklift than we would with other brands.”

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