Linde Material Handling has proudly served New Zealand for over 40 years — and over 100 years globally — providing some of the most powerful, innovative and safest material handling equipment available. At the forefront of our innovations stand our automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and our commitment to emission-reducing technologies. We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with TDXand equally excited for the mass expansion of Linde Material Handling into New Zealand.


Linde MH equipment, as well as Baoli equipment, will now be sold, rented, and serviced through TDX across New Zealand. For our existing customers, we’ll be transitioning our service approach gradually over the coming months and will ensure you’re kept informed of any updates to our existing procedures.


Ben Buddo, General Manager - NSW/NZ, spokesperson at Linde Material Handling Australia added, “This partnership is a huge step forward for Linde MH Australia. TDX is highly regarded as providing New Zealand customers with local know-how and a world-class customer experience. We are excited to have them on board, supporting our Linde customers in New Zealand and to continue to grow the brand with their support.”


TDX, formerly known as TransDiesel, has over 40 years of experience and is the leading supplier of construction equipment, diesel engines, generators, and transmissions to various industries throughout New Zealand.


“We are delighted to partner with Linde. We will be setting up a new company to give focus to this great opportunity and ensure we deliver the very best service possible for our new customers.” says TDX CEO, Colm Hamrogue.


Being 100% New Zealand owned and operated, TDX delivers top-notch customer experience and outstanding products – something they achieve by pairing top global brands with local expertise. 


As part of their strategy to introduce the Linde and Baoli brands to New Zealand, TDX will be setting up a new company. The new company will have specialists dedicated to Linde’s vast product range and will also support existing customers who have previously purchased their trucks in New Zealand.


“Since we started talks with the Linde team, I have been impressed with the quality of the Linde product range, the passion they have for their products and above all the focus they have for their customers. They like us, are committed to delivering a great customer experience in New Zealand. I believe we can achieve great things together and I am looking forward to getting out and about and supporting our Linde customers.” added Colm.

Starting mid-November, TDX will launch its new company and become Linde Material Handling’s official dealer partner.


About Linde Material Handling Australia

Regardless of your business size or requirements, whether you’re after new or used forklifts, service, spare parts, fleet management services or specialist assistance with warehouse design and configuration, Linde has you covered. With the combined strength of Linde Material Handling, Baoli Forklifts and Linde certified used trucks providing a range of equipment that can service low, mid and high demand applications, Linde is able to provide a fit for purpose solution that caters to any budget. 


About TDX Group

TDX excels in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. While we collaborate with, service, and advocate for some of the world's premier brands, we believe that understanding local nuances is essential. Our team brings deep insights into local conditions and industries, ensuring we remain in tune with the needs and priorities of our local clientele.


For more information, contact:

Christine Nolland
National Marketing Manager, Linde Material Handling Australia
(02) 9831 9500


*Image from left to right Ben Buddo, General Manager NSW/NZ Linde and Colm Hamrogue, TDX CEO.