Melbourne’s recent, MEGATRANS expo was billed as the most ambitious transport, logistics and supply chain event ever staged in Australia. For Linde Material Handling Equipment Australia, it provided an insight into industry’s enthusiasm for the coming wave of technological advances.

Linde was a major MEGATRANS participant, with a display showcasing not only its latest offerings but also demonstrating future trends in a rapidly changing industry.

National Marketing Manager, Christine Nolland, said Linde Material Handling had been encouraged by the dynamics of the event to the extent it was keen to duplicate its display at future industry events.

This was an event which attracted visitors for all the right reasons,” she said. “Pre-show presentations each day by industry heavy-hitters and government representatives primed attendees’ mind-set as they later viewed the various displays.

Power to Choose

The conversations we had with visitors to our display lasted for up to an hour,” Christine said. “For some it was the first opportunity to come to grips with the breadth of our range and for others it was their chance to appreciate the individual advantages of our Value, Performance and Performance Plus ranges and to understand what we mean by the Power to Choose.

Linde’s FleetFOCUS fleet management program was also a popular topic for visitors, but the star attraction was undoubtedly the continuous display of its L-Matic robotic automation solutions over the three days of MEGATRANS, with specialists on hand to answer many questions throughout the expo.

It’s fair to say that everyone who visited our exhibit was interested in our robotics display, whether they initially attended MEGATRANS to consider forklift purchases or to explore warehouse automation options,” Christine Nolland said.

In the rapidly emerging field of robotic automation the Linde L-Matic display demonstrated the huge possibilities which robotic technology can provide for material handling equipment users at an enterprise level.

As MEGATRANS visitors discovered, Linde robotic progress imposes no additional infrastructure requirements on users. Without the need to install wall-mounted sensors and reflectors or under-floor guidance wiring, Linde L-Matic equipment has become a practical automation solution for existing warehouses as well as greenfield projects. The trucks’ on-board technology can react to obstacles in real time and adjusts to changed warehouse layouts.

The Linde L-Matic truck in action at MEGATRANS can be viewed in the video below.